๐Ÿ‘“ Stuff #166 - from Denmark to Italy

Some excellent insights into how to conquer deadlines, and use your imposter syndrome as a hidden strength. There are reflections on social media detox and what we can see in the night sky. Finally, I share a game to test your navigation skills.
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๐Ÿ‘“ Stuff #166 - from Denmark to Italy

Hey, Matt here!

Welcome to a new week AND to the new readers since last issue. A reminder that you can find me on the web and on Threads, which is becoming quite the fun social network.

Thanks for joining me - now, onto the good stuff!

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Monday Motivation.   Let this week be the one you conquer your fear of deadlines.   You can use Parkinsonโ€™s Law to help you figure out the right amount of time to allocate for anything, 

Imposter.   How to use your imposter syndrome as a superpower.  I really like the concept of understanding why you feel like an imposter and turning this into your core strength.  See also, how to turn Stress into a strength. 

Emotions.  The key skill that we rarely learn.  Weโ€™re socialised to avoid our feelings, not embrace them and use them.

Readiness.  The important of showing your work as you go, not when you think itโ€™s 100%.   Nick Cave has the right explanation for this. 

Persuasion.  Not the Jane Austen classic.  How to argue better and be more persuasive, using the Steel Man Technique. 

Detox.  Social media is not heroin.  I really like this suggestion that we 'over pathologize' our use of social media.

Journal Prompt: Write about a moment of joy, or beauty that you have seen this week. Reflect the the smaller moments that bring you happiness. (Over 500 prompts here)

Travel.  The 24 best places to go in 2024.  Iโ€™ve only been to a couple of these, but now Iโ€™ve added some more to my bucket list.

StargazingThis is truly brilliant.  Open the app, set your location and get a calendar of what you can see in the night sky.   You can even print a calendar so you can keep it handy to see those meteor showers. 

Meditation.  Hereโ€™s what science has to say about meditation to be a better person.   The moral world is complex, so it demands careful investigation as to whether meditation can improve a person. 

Books.  This is what four MILLION books looks like.   A sneak peek inside a warehouse finding homes for second-hand books. 

Nuggets.   This 1980โ€™s training video for Chicken McNuggets is fantastic.   I havenโ€™t eaten McDโ€™s for years, but I did enjoy the McNuggets with their four โ€˜amazing sauces from across the world.โ€™

Finally.   Travle is a brilliant daily game.    Youโ€™ll need to navigate between two countries in the shortest route possible.  There are global versions, and more localised ones where you navigate inside specific countries.  Today, I navigated from Lebanon to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 6 stepsโ€ฆ but I could have done it in four!

A reminder that every day I add to my mammoth 2023 highs playlist. The list stands at over 334 tracks long, everyone a banger!

๐Ÿ”ˆ Stuff to Listen to...

๐ŸŽง This weekโ€™s musical recommendation is a compilation album detailing the crossover between soul and gospel music from the 70โ€™s and early 80โ€™s. 

Holy Church of The Ecstatic Soul on Soul Jazz records, is a beautiful collection of some of the voices celebrating the gospel through Soul and Funk.  Iโ€™m a particularly spiritual person, but I think if my church upbringing had contained more of this, I might have been enticed. 

Featuring tracks fro Andrea Crouch,  Shirley Caesar and the brilliantly name Roscoe Robinson the connection between sacred gospel and the soul funk scene of the 70โ€™s is laid out in all its glory. 

I love this - and Iโ€™m sure you will too. 

Stuff someone said.
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