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Stuff #81 - Minimum Viable Prawn

Monday Motivation, superpowers and minimum viable prawns... it's the Stuff that MattRs this week.

Matt Rutherford
Matt Rutherford
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Stuff #81 - Minimum Viable Prawn
Hi from Dublin, I'm Matt...

Back home after a lovely long weekend in Berlin, soaking up the sights and sounds of a different city. I hope that this finds you well, and ready for an awesome week. You deserve it.

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Onward with the Stuff that MattRs this week...

  1. Monday Motivation:  Make this week the one that you reduce the number of meetings in your calendar.  We all know what happens when you have too many meetings, no time for deep work and the rise of the triple peak day.  Here are some practical actions you can take right now to improve your work/meeting balance.
  2. Your new superpower: Nearly everything you write at work is a list, and the sooner you realise it the easier it'll be to turn your writing into a superpower. This article explains why, and how to get better every day.
  3. Essential Reading: Ten lessons from great businesses, these are all applicable and practical. #3 and #10 are excellent advice for anyone in business.  Essential.
  4. Take care:  You have devoured c20,000 news items in the past 12 months - 60 per day at a conservative estimate. Did any of them help you make a better decision about your life, family, career, well-being, or business?  No news is good news.
  5. TWIL:  People in Rwanda go to bars to drink milk.   Found via the excellent BBC site - 50 reasons to love the world.
  6. Boom, gone: If you use twitter, you should be able to block the tweet, its author, and every single person who liked it—in one click.   By the way, I'm here on the tweet machine - give me a follow.
  7. Put that on the wall!  I love taking pictures, here are a few recent ones, but it's worth remembering that most of us carry round a high-quality camera, and a masterpiece in your camera roll.
  8. Play it again Sam:  Get your Liberace on in Liberia, or your Clayderman in Cardiff, with this directory of public pianos around the world.
  9. Minimum Viable Prawn:  How to calculate the right amount of prawns for the prawn party (?) you might be having.   File under 'really useful'.
  10. Finally:  Don't be a snowflake, learn ABOUT snowflakes.  

Crate Digging in Berlin
A weekend of vinyl hunting in Germanys biggest city with amazing record shops and some decent finds.
I wrote a piece on my trip to Berlin to buy vinyl, it's here if you want to catchup on my journey!

My aural stuff this week is the fantastic new album from Kae Tempest - spoken word, beat poetry - whatever you call it, this album is a fantastic blend of words and beats, and will be everywhere for the next few months.

Get in early - if you don't listen to anything else, just find track 5, Salt Coast - amazing.

Listen to Kae Tempest - The Line is A Curve on Spotify here.

Stuff that someone said:

"Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way." Viktor Frankl

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