Stuff #70 - GPS, Mrs Doubtfire and Polar Bears

Matt 2 min read
Stuff #70 - GPS, Mrs Doubtfire and Polar Bears

Happy Monday!

Thanks for all the feedback last week on the free habit tracker, I’m glad it was useful. I really enjoy hearing from you –just hit reply to get in touch - I answer all the mails! If you received this email from a friend, and would like to subscribe, please go here.

Onwards with the Stuff that MattR’s this week…

  1. Monday Motivation : Make this week the time that you implement just 3 of these 80 micro-habits that will change your life. Adding them to my free habit tracker is a great way to get started.
  2. Add to your toolbox : Bring optimism to your work, how to cultivate and nurture a talent for positive thinking. There is a brilliant 5-step plan to help you learn in here, ABCDE.
  3. Seven Questions : The brilliant Mark Manson asks you just seven (strange) questions to help you define your purpose in life. Open up a blank page in your notes and follow this though, I did - and it’s been very helpful.
  4. Read a book in 3 minutes : Imagine a business book summary written by Bill Gates or Elon Musk. BookStash has exactly what you need.
  5. TWIL : The closest point in the US to Africa, is in Maine
  6. I’m just around the corner! : GPS is one of the most useful tools we have, and one of the most misunderstood. Here’s a GENIUS interactive guide to how GPS works.
  7. Unlike anything on Spotify : This app has music especially designed to calm your mind, and help with anxiety.
  8. Sure, take whatever room you like : What happens when Polar Bears move into a village? This photographer found out.
  9. Did Mrs Doubtfire do that? In Ghana, they often don’t have the right poster to display outside the cinema. So of course, they paint their own - and they are MARVELLOUS! Bonus : Instagram account of some of the best.
  10. Finally : We can all stop playing Wordle now, I’ve found something equally addictive. WikiTrivia asks you to drag and drop historic events on a timeline - it’s so simple, and yet very tricky. My record streak is 16, can you do better?

My aural gift for you this week is a fantstic album that arrived on vinyl this week, luckily it’s streaming as well so I can share it with you. Music for Photographers by The Black Dog is a collection of ambient tracks written to accompany some beautiful photography. It’s lovely music to work with, gentle and thoughtful - in fact, I have it on right now!

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