Stuff #70 - GPS, Mrs Doubtfire and Polar Bears

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Stuff #70 - GPS, Mrs Doubtfire and Polar Bears

Happy Monday!

Thanks for all the feedback last week on the free habit tracker, Iโ€™m glad it was useful. I really enjoy hearing from you โ€“just hit reply to get in touch - I answer all the mails! If you received this email from a friend, and would like to subscribe, please go here.

Onwards with the Stuff that MattRโ€™s this weekโ€ฆ

  1. Monday Motivation : Make this week the time that you implement just 3 of these 80 micro-habits that will change your life. Adding them to my free habit tracker is a great way to get started.
  2. Add to your toolbox : Bring optimism to your work, how to cultivate and nurture a talent for positive thinking. There is a brilliant 5-step plan to help you learn in here, ABCDE.
  3. Seven Questions : The brilliant Mark Manson asks you just seven (strange) questions to help you define your purpose in life. Open up a blank page in your notes and follow this though, I did - and itโ€™s been very helpful.
  4. Read a book in 3 minutes : Imagine a business book summary written by Bill Gates or Elon Musk. BookStash has exactly what you need.
  5. TWIL : The closest point in the US to Africa, is in Maine
  6. Iโ€™m just around the corner! : GPS is one of the most useful tools we have, and one of the most misunderstood. Hereโ€™s a GENIUS interactive guide to how GPS works.
  7. Unlike anything on Spotify : This app has music especially designed to calm your mind, and help with anxiety.
  8. Sure, take whatever room you like : What happens when Polar Bears move into a village? This photographer found out.
  9. Did Mrs Doubtfire do that? In Ghana, they often donโ€™t have the right poster to display outside the cinema. So of course, they paint their own - and they are MARVELLOUS! Bonus : Instagram account of some of the best.
  10. Finally : We can all stop playing Wordle now, Iโ€™ve found something equally addictive. WikiTrivia asks you to drag and drop historic events on a timeline - itโ€™s so simple, and yet very tricky. My record streak is 16, can you do better?

My aural gift for you this week is a fantstic album that arrived on vinyl this week, luckily itโ€™s streaming as well so I can share it with you. Music for Photographers by The Black Dog is a collection of ambient tracks written to accompany some beautiful photography. Itโ€™s lovely music to work with, gentle and thoughtful - in fact, I have it on right now!

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