πŸ‘“ Stuff #189 - Slice the Pizza!

Fire up your personal brand at work with five key strategies. Learn how to manage former peers and discover the benefits of a lifecoach. Take a break in a park, and Slice those Pizzas for a quick diversion.
Matt 3 min read
πŸ‘“ Stuff #189 - Slice the Pizza!

I hope that my US readers are enjoying the Memorial Day weekend. Wherever your read from, thanks for joining me on our shared quest for improvement.

Each week, I seek out great content to support our personal growth. I’ll couple that with some links that I know you’ll find interesting. Elsewhere, you can find my daily notes here, and I’m posting on Threads as well.

Thanks for joining me - now, onto the list!

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Monday Motivation. Let this week be the one where you fire up your personal brand at work.  Building a strong brand can be a great way to propel your career forwards, I’ve covered five key strategies to help you get started. 

Free. Ten additional websites that everyone should bookmark. The fourth in my series of link dumps that help you with tools that you can use for free. Includes an amazing way to make your Google searches much much better. 

Management. How to manage former peers. I have promoted from inside a number of times, knowing that one of the bigger challenges that new managers will face is dealing with former peers.  This article explains some of the pitfalls, and ways to solve them. 

Goals.  Are SMART goals a triumph of style over substance? Some great theory about why it might be a good time to try a new way of setting goals. 

Lifecoach.  What is a lifecoach?  And how can you benefit from having one?  Some sound advice for defining what kind of support you need, and how to go about choosing the right person. 

Gratitude. Don’t wait to say thank you.  A lovely story about gratitude and the need to share it early and often. A good reminder that my 28 day gratitude challenge can kickstart your gratitude practice.  Connected. Six ways to give that don’t involve money. 

Random Journal Prompt: How can you turn your anxious energy into something creative or productive? Over 550 more journal prompts here.
photo of empty park during daytime
Photo by Mike Benna / Unsplash

Park. Take a break, just for a minute and visit a random park.  This site will take you to a random park for one minute. It is an excellent way to quieten your mind.

Memory. How actors remember their lines. I went to a poetry reading on Saturday night, and one of the poets recited long tracts from memory. It connected me to this article. Could be great for working up your next presentation.

Self. How to Stop Obsessing About What Other People Think of You. #1 is excellent advice here. 

Birds. Listen to the sounds made by birds from around the world. A pleasant diversion. 

Slice. The web equivalent of a fidget toy. Slice those Pizzas!

Finally. Eye Spy - play I Spy in five new locations every day. 

My mammoth 2024 playlist has fantastic tunes added every day. You can follow along here.

πŸ”ˆ Stuff to Listen to...

body of water under sky
Photo by Matt Hardy / Unsplash

🎧 This week's aural treat is something new I'm building. FlowStuff is an evolving and organic playlist of music that can support your flow state.

I've pulled together tracks from my collection which are largely instrumental, and often beatless as a rotating playlist of music that you can relax and work to.

There are no distractions here, just gentle background music that will help you focus and concentrate. The list is regularly randomised so that there will be very few patterns or connected tracks.

I'll be adding and honing this playlist constantly, so there will always be something new to find.

I hope you enjoy it.

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