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10 additional free Websites that everyone should Bookmark

You shouldn't have to pay to get access to useful tools, here are another 10 free sites that everyone should save.
Matt 1 min read
10 additional free Websites that everyone should Bookmark
Photo by Christian Wiediger / Unsplash

Nobody should have to pay big money for useful tools. Here are another ten sites I recommend you save.

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  • Ten Blue Links - very simple instructions to make Google cleaner, remove all the AI generated garbage by changing the way you search. I absolutely love the results this gives.
  • News Minimalist - Let ChatGPT read the news for you and then filter out all the noise to give you the most important stories.
  • My Noise - seen in newsletter #188 - this site helps you to create the right noise generator for you.
  • Remotists - 18000 jobs that allow remote work, a great search engine for your next work from home gig.
  • Just the Recipe - input a link to a recipe, and this site strips off all the clutter to give you a clean guide to creating a perfect meal.
  • Webkay - see everything your browser knows about you, information that gets shared when you visit websites.
  • Spotify Playlist Randomiser - useful tool to permanently shuffle a playlist. See my 'flow' playlist for an example.
  • Bookpecker - nearly 15000 books summarised into 5 bullet points.
  • Typelit - improve your typing by typing along with famous books you live.
  • Hacksplaining - how hacking works, simple lessons to understand how hackers get into our data & systems. Know thine enemy.

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