πŸ‘“ Stuff #183 - discover vorfreude

Power up your delegation skills, and improve your growth mindset. End negativity with a novel technique and anticipate joy with vorfreude. Plus, why we name storms.
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πŸ‘“ Stuff #183 - discover vorfreude

Welcome back, you're looking great today!

My goal is to help you get the best out of yourself.

Each week, I seek out great content to support our personal growth. I’ll couple that with some links that I know you’ll find interesting AND a musical recommendation.

Elsewhere, you can find my daily notes here, and I’m posting on Threads as well.

Thanks for joining me - now, onto the list!

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Monday Motivation. Let this week be the one where you discover the Art of Delegation. Power up how you can share tasks with other people and create a win-win for both of you. I’ve got ten tips that you can use today to maximise your effectiveness. 

Belief. How to believe in yourself.  Excellent science backed article on how to shift to a growth mindset. Includes some good practical advice to help build confidence.

Clock Off.  For decades, putting in extra hours at the office was seen as a sign of hard work and productivity, even a badge of honour. New research shows working after hours is more often associated with lower levels of productivity. 

Generations II.  Last week, I shared the definitions of GenX, GenY, Boomers etc nicknames.  This week, we discover that each β€˜generation’ is productive at different times of the day!  

End Negativity. A study in Japan proposes a novel way to deal with negative thoughts.  Just write them down and throw them away. 

Fake.   The rise of the fake email job.  These roles are more common than you think, and if you have one, you should probably be watching out for AI coming to drink your milkshake. 

Random Journal Prompt: What activities or habits energized me this week? Over 550 more journal prompts here.
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Photo by Preslie Hirsch / Unsplash

Vorfreude. A German word for the β€˜anticipation of joy’.  Thirty zero-effort ways to fill your life with joyMy favourite item here is the morning coffee ritual...

Rituals. How to start small rituals that make every day feel special.  I’m a massive believer in the small routines that help delineate the days. 

50. Twenty iconic things that turn 50 in 2024.  The bar code, Baileys and the Volkswagen Golf, among other things that were invented in 1974. None of us, right?  We’re all much younger. 

RelationshipsOther people like us more than we think.  Research has shown that the accuracy of our predictions of how other people feel about us, is often wrong. 

Storms.  Why do we name storms?  It’s because some people don’t pay attention until a storm has a name. 

Finally.  Daily logic puzzles. This had me reliving my school days. Bonus: Find the invisible Cow. Very silly - I recommend headphones or low volume for this one.

My mammoth 2024 playlist has fantastic new tunes added every day. You can follow along here.

πŸ”ˆ Stuff to Listen to...

🎧 This week's aural treat is the new album from Khruangbin who combine a laidback Texas psychedelia with influences from around the world.

A La Sala is their new collection, which sounds like it was recorded deep in a desert and washed in a very deep bath of reverb.

I love the chilled atmosphere of this album, with gentle guitars, soft vocals and loose rhythms. I'm looking forward to seeing them live later in 2024.

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