👓 Stuff #135 - human or not?

This week, I look at goal setting and share some tips and tools to help you, we talk about attention and self-care. For fun, there is a great AI debate and we have snacks. Welcome to Stuff...
Matt 3 min read
👓 Stuff #135 - human or not?
Good question...

Hey from Dublin,

It's a public holiday here in Dublin (and most of Europe) today, so I'm grateful for an extra day to recharge and enjoy some spring weather.

A massive thanks to everyone that joined this week, and those that made Stretch 15 the most clicked link last week, it's good know that so many of you are including a stretch break in your daily work.

This week, I have a great list for you and a terrific music recommendation, as well as some new writing from me that will help you set and hit goals.

Finally - don't forget the quote at the end of the newsletter, a good reminder for those of us thinking about our goals.

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Thanks for being here, see you next Monday...

The Stuff Ten

  1. Monday Motivation:  Let this week be the one where you level up your goals. Here's a guide to setting goals, and a free tool that you can use.   If you need more frameworks to help define your goals, here are five excellent techniques. Achieving your goals takes effort but the neuroscience that drives you can be hacked.  
  2. Your new superpower: Criticism can be difficult, but also a powerful tool. Here are some tips on how to give (and take) constructive criticism.   If you really want to supercharge your skills - use Rapoports rules.
  3. Essential Reading:  Attention is a powerful force, it shapes the way you work, relax and even how you think.   Its natural enemy is overstimulation, here are ten ways to avoid information overload.
  4. Take care: Self-care requires a multi-layered approach, a bit like swiss cheese.
  5. TWIL:  Turntable scratching (which I thought I knew all about) has 13 levels of complexity.   Watch this amazing DJ explain them all!
  6. Is loneliness the new smoking?   In Japan, you can hire someone to be a friend.  However, there are more conventional ways to tackle being lonely.
  7. Human or not?  Chat with someone for two minutes, and try to figure out if it was a fellow human or an AI bot.  Much harder than it looks!
  8. AI-ght: is a terrific use of AI to gather data about people's hands, to help out with future sign-language applications.  This is where the true benefit of the power of AI can be seen.   MyAIFrontDesk is using the power of AI to try and replace your receptionist - this another great example of how safe our jobs really are!   It is true that your AI receptionist will never sleep though.
  9. Need a snack? Taquitos has you covered.  They've eaten and reviewed 10,593 snacks over the past 23 years, covering 86 categories from 1924 companies in 90 countries, with more than 157 major brands and 125 flavors.    The best snack of all is included.
  10. Finally: Sumplete - a twist on sudoku, apparently made entirely using ChatGPT!

🎧 Aural Stuff

What's on the Stuff speakers this week? 

🎧 Jungstötter is singer/songwriter Fabian Alstötter from Landau, Germany who has just released their new album 'One Star'.   It's the follow up to a previous Stuff favourite 'Love Is' which was on heavy rotation back in 2019.

One Star is another beautiful collection, combining delicate songwriting with the superb voice of Jungstötter.  There is a strong Scott Walker influence here, one of my personal favourites, and the songs are beautiful with some cool and crisp electronica.

Highly recommended album, and a potential end of year favourite.  

Stuff someone said

"If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place." - Nora Roberts

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