Stuff #106 - This is a thing...

Excellent Stuff to help of improve your self-introductions, reduce frustration at work and develop your reading game. Alongside ideas for your daily walk, and a word game against a random stranger.
Matt 4 min read
Stuff #106 - This is a thing...

Hey from Spain,

I'm into my last week working from the sunshine, and next week Stuff will be back in the 'soft days' of Dublin.

I've been able to work well from here, and even managed to redesign Stuff and launch the journaling challenge. I think I'm getting the hang of working remotely!

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As always - thanks for being here - it's great to have you join me each week! If you received this from an amazing friend, get your own copy here.

The Stuff30 Journaling Challenge
Getting started with a journal can be tricky, I have you covered with 30 days of simple prompts, directly to your inbox.

Join me for 30 days of prompts to kick start your daily journaling.

The Stuff Ten

  1. Monday Motivation: Let this week be the one that you improve your self-introduction(s). "Tell me about yourself" can be one of the most daunting interview questions, but with a bit of structure and practice, you can leverage this into a game changer for your prospects. Once you have the job, then you'll need to switch up the game and work on your introduction. Here is a simple framework to ace that critical conversation.
  2. Your new superpower: It's time to learn to be unbothered. Ten, illustrated, practical ways to reduce frustration in the workplace. These should be in the mandatory training.
  3. Essential Reading: I often talk about the benefits of reading, and I know that it competes with lots of other priorities. Here are some practical ways to make more time to read. Bonus Stuff - another excellent library of FREE e-books.
  4. Take care: Whilst I've been here, I've rebooted my Daily Walk, and I'm feeling the benefits. We all know that taking a walk each day is good for you, but there are ways you can improve your walk or make your walk a bit more pointless. Bonus Stuff - Now you can even find an accountability buddy to make sure you commit to a daily walk.
  5. TWIL: Cats can bend the laws of physics to theoretically fall from an infinite height and still land on their feet.
  6. Take a few minutes: This is a Thing is a simple meditation designed to bring calm and order to your day. Try it now, I promise it's good.
  7. A job worth doing: Have you thought what might happen to your digital legacy if you weren't here? This site has a useful guide to protecting your digital memories for future generations.
  8. Scary AND Clever: The Follower uses open CCTV cameras (including Dublin), and AI to watch people taking Instagram pictures. It's hard to explain, but amazing to see.
  9. Sesame Street should be higher: Rolling Stone has ranked the 100 best TV programmes ever. I'm shocked by the absence of my (very British) favourite, but how many have you seen? (42 for me...)
  10. Finally: Play Words against Strangers - a quick and clever word game where you compete against a random on the internet.
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🎧 Aural Stuff

What's on the Stuff speakers this week? 

My musical recommendation for you this week is from a few years ago, but worth revisiting.

Heliopause, by Anne MΓΌller is a short album of cello and electronica with no words, so it's ideal music for helping you relax or as background for working.

I enjoyed the space and peacefulness of this short album, which has some intriguing and contemplative sounds. Highly recommended listen.

Stuff someone said

"You're better than the narrative that your anxiety is creating in your head" - Anonymous

The Stuff30 Journaling Challenge
Getting started with a journal can be tricky, I have you covered with 30 days of simple prompts, directly to your inbox.

Introducing the Stuff30 - a simple journaling challenge. Join me for 30 days of prompts to kick start your daily journaling. 

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