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Media Gluttony - February 2024

February has been another great month for movies. Here's a roundup of my media diet in February 2024
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Media Gluttony - February 2024

February has been another great month for watching movies. As the award season has been in full flow, I've been able to get to the cinema to see some excellent movies. Alongside those, another transatlantic flight gave me a good opportunity to catch a few more films that I hadn't seen

Here's a roundup of my media diet in February 2024:

  • The Holdovers | ⭑⭑⭑⭑
    A brilliantly nostalgic story of the people left behind at school over Christmas, both students and teachers find something new. (Review Here)
  • All of us Strangers | ⭑⭑⭑⭑
    Beautiful and creepy love story, arranged neatly around some beautiful and creepy memories. Terrific acting.
  • The Zone of Interest | ⭑⭑⭑⭑½
    A brutal story of moral gymnastics, brilliantly made and superbly acted. (Review Here)
  • The Stronghold | ⭑⭑⭑
    French language cop drama, showing the downfall of corrupt detectives in Marseille.
  • A Prayer Before Dawn | ⭑⭑⭑⭑
    Tense, claustrophobic true story of a British kick boxer serving time in a Thai jail. Superb turn from Joe Cole. (Review Here)
  • Deadwater Fell (TV) | ⭑⭑⭑
    Binge watched in a rainy weekend, David Tennant and Cush Jumbo star in this family murder mystery set in the Lake District.
  • The Iron Claw | ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑
    The origins of the US professional wrestling scene, starring Jeremy Allen White. Really well told story, and some great performances.
  • Anatomy of a fall | ⭑⭑⭑½
    Well-loved at the BAFTAs, I found this a little disjointed - maybe due to multiple languages. Good courtroom drama.
  • The Abyss | ⭑⭑⭑
    Slightly bonkers disaster movie from Sweden, enjoyable enough but a little bit far fetched in its climax.
  • The Old Oak | ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑
    Film of the month
    - sublime Ken Loach tale, telling the story of a pub on its last legs providing support and succour to its local changing community. (Review Here)
  • Scrapper | ⭑⭑⭑
    Heartwarming tale of a young girl navigating the loss of her mother and the sudden reappearance of her father.
  • Maggie Moore(s) | ⭑⭑⭑
    Darkly funny murder mystery starring John Hamm as a small town sherrif investigating a complex case
  • No Hard Feelings | ⭑⭑⭑⭑
    Much funnier than I anticipated, Jennifer Lawrence is excellent in this entertaining romcom with the accent on the comedy.
  • Tarrac | ⭑⭑⭑⭑
    Lovely Irish language film, the story of a woman returning to her home village to care for her father and finding a reconnection to a sporting event that unites the village.

Thirteen movies and one box-set watched in February, and some great stuff watched. You can see my January installment here.

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