Top ten albums of the Decade

Matt 1 min read

Writing a 'best of the decade' or a top ten of the 'tens' is a heavy lift. When you listen to a LOT of music, then it's a struggle to pull out the absolute favourites.

For this one, I chose my favourite album of each year... this wouldn't be a bad list of albums to keep on repeat for a decade.

  • 2010 - Black Noise - Pantha du Prince
  • 2011 - Ceremonials - Florence and the Machine
  • 2012 - Rhythm & Repose - Glen Hansard
  • 2013 - Les Revenants (OST) - Mogwai
  • 2014 - El Pintor - Interpol
  • 2015 - Gomorrah (OST) - Mokadelic
  • 2016 - You want it darker - Leonard Cohen
  • 2017 - Marlon Williams - Marlon Williams
  • 2018 - Here lies the body - Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert
  • 2019 - Ghosteen - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
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