Stuff #98 - Passion, Clarity, Energy

You can improve your attention span with some daily exercise, and I share some tips on getting promoted. We also take a trip to abandoned Canada, and find out the famous people that were born in your neighbourhood.
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Stuff #98 - Passion, Clarity, Energy
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Hi from Dublin, I'm Matt...

Big thanks to all the new subscribers this week - as I approach 100 issues, I'm hitting some subscriber milestones as well. I hope this email finds you safe and well wherever you are.

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Onward with the Stuff that MattRs this week...
  1. Monday Motivation: ย  Let this week be the one where you improve your attention span with this simple and ancient exercise. ย It's worth the effort, because the distractions around us are only growing, most people cannot go three minutes without an interruption at work.
  2. Your new superpower: ย Is it time for you to get promoted? Here is some excellent advice on how to get to the next level in your job. ย  A bonus hack from me, is to learn what your manager needs to do to get you promoted, this example is from Amazon where they have a culture of writing up 5/7 'impact stories' - most companies have a template for managers to complete - you can help by knowing what 'lands well' at your company. ย (Bonus content - remember our brag document from Stuff #94)
  3. Essential Reading: Useful Science takes those dry academic papers that get published every day, and turns them into headlines that everyone can understand. ย 
  4. Take care: The ultimate guide to detecting and dealing with burnout. As well as an excellent quiz to understand if you are getting enough rest. ย (Bonus Content - someone tried seven types of rest, to see which one is the best).
  5. TWIL: ย In 1981, a mining company built a model town in the wilderness of British Columbia, when the bottom fell out of the Molybdenum market, they abandoned it - where it still remains, frozen in time.
  6. Put down the phone for a bit: ย Scientific study has shown that taking a break from social media makes you happier and less anxious.
  7. I remember OS/2, do you? ย If you are as old as me, you get to remember all the attempts that technology companies had to get to the place we are now. ย  Now, someone has catalogued all the old computer interfaces, so you can relive Windows 95!
  8. Who lives in a place like this? ย Notable People is an excellent visualisation of the famous people born in your home town. Just scroll around the map to find out who was born near you. ย For me, it's WB Yeats and Oscar Wilde.
  9. Do you need a new Hobby? Stuff has you covered with the Hobby Generator. ย  How about Shortwave Listening? ย Or maybe Marbles?
  10. Finally: ย This took me back to Sunday evenings as a child, guessing the prices on Antiques Roadshow with my Dad. ย Now, you can guess the really big prices on The Auction Game? ย My high score is 3664 points, can you beat me?
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Recommended Stuff

๐ŸŽฌ I watched The Northman this weekend, the most recent film directed by Robert Eggars. It's a story of revenge, set in Viking times with some pretty heavy mystical overtones. It's not everyone, but I really enjoyed the bleakness that Eggars bought to the screen. Recommended watch.
My aural stuff for you this week is this fantastic playlist of Ambient music from Japan. This is really relaxing, with no vocals and very few beats to interrupt you, this is great for helping to find flow state while you work.

Listen to Ambient Japan on Spotify here. 
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Stuff that someone said:

"We drive into the future using only our rear view mirror." ย  Marshall McLuhan (wiki)

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