Stuff #89 - Spread love not cake!

Better listening skills are a gift to others, and yourself. Living near trees makes you happier, as does playing with a Spirograph.
Matt 2 min read
Stuff #89 - Spread love not cake!
Hi from Spain, I'm Matt...

I celebrated a birthday this week and spent most of the week away from screens and in the sunshine, it was a gift of its own. I'm hoping this week's mail finds you healthy and well.

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Onward with the Stuff that MattRs this week...
  1. Monday Motivation: ย This week, let's all work on our listening skills. ย It's the greatest gift that we can give others, and ourselves. ย  Not only that, but great listening skills also make you a better conversationalist. ย Bonus stuff: six ways you can improve your listening skills.
  2. Your new superpower: The average human makes in the region of 35000 conscious decisions per day, I find it exhausting. ย  I've looked at several ways of optimising decisions but journaling them could be a game-changer.
  3. Essential Reading: Learn how social media can distort reality in 8 specific ways. ย  Forewarned is forearmed.
  4. Take care: Getting to know the neurotransmitters that power your brain, and your well-being. ย  Along with some practical tips to help them work FOR you.
  5. TWIL: ย Researchers found that among 9,751 residents of the German city of Leipzig, those who lived within 100 meters of street trees were taking fewer antidepressants.
  6. The art of controversy: 38 ways to win an argument. ย I cannot guarantee that any of these will work, but #18 feels like a great solution to any dispute.
  7. That'll be 20 blah please: ย The Icelandic Central Bank recently ran a competition to design the first currency symbol for the Island nation. ย They've entered a world I had no idea was so complex.
  8. Recreate your childhood: ย  I used to love playing with a spirograph, now you can do it in your browser.
  9. Stupid is as stupid does: ย The seven varieties of stupidity, and what you can do about them. ย 
  10. Finally: Happy Birthday to me (last week - chill) - here are twenty versions of Happy Birthday that you can save and send to friends on their big day. ย Super useful!
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My aural stuff for you this week is old, but fantastic. Blossom Dearie was a US jazz singer with a voice you'll recognise, and some songs that I guarantee you'll love.

This collection of her greatest hits has just been re-released and its well worth a listen.

Listen to Blossom Dearie - Blossom Dearie on Spotify here. 

Stuff that someone said:

"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." Mother Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu
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