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Stuff #80 - Love from Berlin

Improving productivity by pausing, managing energy and Tinder for cats! It’s all the Stuff that MattR’s this week…

Matt Rutherford
Matt Rutherford
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Stuff #80 - Love from Berlin
MattR - Berlin Mauerpark Market - April 2022
Hi from Berlin, I'm Matt...

I've taken a few days out to visit somewhere different, and change my lens on the world. I hope I find you refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

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Onward with the Stuff that MattRs this week...

  1. Monday Motivation:   Research shows that we spend 4.8 hours per day per user on our phones.  What happens if you ditch social media before noon? I'm trying this for a week.  Let this week be the one that you try and detach from your phone for a bit more each day.
  2. Your new superpower: The Productive Pause - a counter-intuitive superpower that will help you be more effective at work. Includes practical steps on how to implement this into your day.
  3. Essential Reading: Outrage! Our minds and morals did not evolve to cope with social media, and that's why it is easy to feel so 'triggered' all the time
  4. Take care: Your time management isn't a problem, but your energy management is.  Four practical exercises that will help you manage your energy and improve your productivity and effectiveness.
  5. TWIL:  Baileys (the drink) was developed by 2 advertising executives in twenty minutes as recently as 1973! Who knew?
  6. Stop trying to be nice: Being nice all the time creates its own set of problems. This video explains why.
  7. I will always be me:  A beautiful and clever service that banks your voice, in case you ever lose the capacity of speech.
  8. Faded Beauty: An incredible gallery of abandoned Italian churches.  I can feel a trip coming on!
  9. Say goodbye to productivity:  A library of games for your brain, I apologise for any lack of output this week!
  10. Finally: Tinder for Cats.  Of course it is.
My aural stuff for you this week is old and unusual - and I was lucky enough to discover this on vinyl in a record shop here in Berlin. Electronic Universe Pt 1 by Software is some early 80's instrumental synth electronica. It's a stunner, and well worth a listen.

Listen to Software - Electronic Universe Pt1 on Spotify here. 

Smart Stuff that someone said:

"Berlin, the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine."   David Bowie

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