Stuff #78 - Super Mario, Super Pumped, Super Cringe!

Super Mario, Super Pumped, Super Cringe! Plus, articles on self-improvement, brain-fog and ways to transform your life.
Matt 2 min read
Stuff #78 - Super Mario, Super Pumped, Super Cringe!

Hey, I'm Matt...

Hi from Dublin!

I hope this finds you well, a deep thank you for all the positive messages I received from last week's mail, I had my highest open rate this year, so maybe some positivity at the start of each week is a good thing. ย Hit 'reply' if you have something you want to let me know about, I read every email.

I have a favour to ask... Stuff grows by word of mouth only, so if you could forward this to just one smart friend that you think might be interested, that would be amazing. Sharing is an act of love. 

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Onward with the Stuff that MattR's this week...

  1. Monday Motivation: Let this week be the one where you find 1 or 2 ways to live better. This list has 100 ways to improve your life, most are really simple. ย  #6 is excellent advice and #80 was a complete awakening for me. ย 
  2. Your new superpower: This simple idea will take 20 minutes of your day, and could transform your life. ย 
  3. Essential Reading: ย This incredible site will help you understand where you are in the world. ย I am the 6,194,179,695th person alive on the planet. This means that I am older than 78% of the world's population and older than 65% of all people in United Kingdom. ย Keep scrolling for your life expectancy vs the average, this is the definition of privilege. ย Bonus Stuff: You are in the green part.
  4. Take care: ย Is your brain foggy? ย Here are five practical ways to clear your mind.
  5. TWIL: ย There is a page (and app) that tracks how many people are in space right now? ย Bonus Stuff: Cosmonauts throwing shade at Russia?
  6. Meet Super Mario: The 'happiest' man in the world has spent almost twenty years living on a cruise ship!
  7. Tall Latte please: ย How much does your favourite drink cost across the world? This infographic compares the cost of a Tall Latte in every country.
  8. 50 shades of cringe: The definitive answer to whether you can watch a movie with your parents in the same room. ย CringeMDb
  9. Super pumped to meet you! Apologies to my LinkedIn friends, but this is brilliant. ย An InMail generator that sounds like every other message I get.
  10. Finally: Almost Pong, almost flappy bird - I can't get a score of higher than 8 here... can you beat me?
My aural stuff for you this week is a blast from the past, but recently rereleased on vinyl. Color Him Father by the Winstons, was released in 1969, but still sounds amazing these days - with a couple of tunes that you will 100% recognise, including the extraordinary 'Amen Brother' which went on to be one of the most sampled drum lines in music history.

Listen to The Winstons - Color him Father on Spotify here.

Smart Stuff that someone said:

Itโ€™s not enough to be nice in life. Youโ€™ve got to have nerve. ย Georgia O'Keefe (via)
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