Stuff #72 - Free Rice, a varied diet and trigger warnings

Matt 2 min read
Stuff #72 - Free Rice, a varied diet and trigger warnings

Happy Monday! Here’s your weekly dose of the Stuff that MattR’s, my weekly newsletter with links, articles and thinking that makes us all smarter. If you’re new here, I’m Matt, welcome aboard!

Onwards with the Stuff that MattR’s this week…

  1. Monday Motivation : Let’s make this week the one where we reduce the amount of times we check our phones. Here are five practical (research driven) steps that will help. This is great stuff to add to your habit tracker.
  2. Add to your toolbox: Remote working is here to stay, here is some great career advice from six people who have built successful careers whilst working remotely, and then some actionable steps to ensure you remain visible when you are ‘out of sight’. (Bonus stuff - 9 morning tips for WFH)
  3. Your work is not your god : We’ve allowed our work to give our lives meaning - we need to be careful that this doesn’t burn us out.
  4. Essential Stuff : Seven mental models that can be used to solve the gnarliest of problems.
  5. TWIL : In 1964, an Earthquake in Alaska caused water to ripple in ponds in Africa. The recent shockwave from a volcanic eruption in Tonga sent a pressure wave around the world.
  6. A varied diet : Take one serving of fun, add a few servings of meaningful projects and create the perfect mood for work. (h/t to JG for sending me this one)
  7. Freerice : This is fun and meaningful. Every time you get a question right on this quiz site, the UN donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme. I wonder how much rice ‘Stuff’ readers could donate in just this week?
  8. How much is too much? It turns out that I need to drink 420 cans of diet coke to actually do myself in, however this site tells me I need to cut down. How much caffeine does your favourite food or drink have?
  9. Does the dog die ? Crowdsourced information on whether something terrible happens in the movie you are about to watch. You can check if the dog dies, if there are clowns or if there are spiders amongst many other categories.
  10. Finally : Wallsmash - a new take on one of the very oldest games, but an easy way to lose an hour of productivity. My high score is 20969, can you beat me?

My aural gift for you this week is HIFILOFI SCIFIWIFI by Gale P, who is a member of one of my favourite bands, Turin Breaks. This solo project is a little gentle and thoughtful than the band material, and Gale Paridjanians voice is a real treat as the solo.

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