Stuff #68 - Penpals, Lines and Sweardles

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Stuff #68 - Penpals, Lines and Sweardles

Welcome to a new week. I’ve made a couple of changes to the content below including a new ‘bit of stuff’ called ‘TWIL’ - this week I learned, where I’ll include an interesting fact for the week.

Onwards with the Stuff that MattR’s this week…

  1. Monday Motivation : One hundred ways to slightly improve your life, without too much trouble. #13 will serve you well at work today, and try to do #94 at least three times this week. You’ll thank me for it.
  2. Add to your toolbox : One of the best books I’ve read in recent years, Atomic Habits. However, if you don’t have time to read the whole book - hack your life with this excellent summary.
  3. Family, friends, colleagues or teams : There is always a difficult conversation to be had, here’s the guide you need to tackle the elephant in the room.
  4. It looks like we’ll be remote working for a while : Here are 10 questions to find out if you are getting the most out of WFH. (The answer is probably no!)
  5. TWIL : No one has ever measured the speed of light
  6. Get a penpal : Slowly (app) is a super clever way of meeting new people on the internet - even delaying the arrival of a message as if it were sent by post.
  7. More tech for good : Google Arts and Culture have knocked out of the park with this incredible guide to Electronic Music. It features all the clubs, DJ’s and bands that have made such a vibrant global culture, there is even an archive of 6000+ club flyers.
  8. Lives by lines : every so often I remember this lovely piece of art which shows how lives can be intertwined in the form of graphics. The whole Insta account is worth following as well.
  9. More words : A lot of people seem to have picked up on Wordle (which I mentioned last week) - here’s a really sweary version which won’t be quite as viral, but it is quite funny.
  10. Finally : Paint him Blue. I apologise in advance for the earworm.

My aural gift for you this week a lovely collection of albums from Erland Cooper who is a composer from Orkney and makes music with an ambient, electronic and sometimes classical sound. I absolutely love his albums, and the ambient ones have been compiled into this single playlist.

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