πŸ‘“ Stuff #186 - total recall

Find ways to improve your influence, and identify hidden & transferrable skills. Understand the Feynman technique for learning and how silence can help you. Finally, understand where the ISS is, and how you can play games on LinkedIn.
Matt 3 min read
πŸ‘“ Stuff #186 - total recall

Thanks for joining me on our shared quest for improvement.

Each week, I seek out great content to support our personal growth. I’ll couple that with some links that I know you’ll find interesting. Elsewhere, you can find my daily notes here, and I’m posting on Threads as well.

Thanks for joining me - now, onto the list!

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Monday Motivation. Let this week be the one where you level-up your influencing skills. I’ve put together a guide to this often misunderstood competency, and some practical ways that you can improve your influencing and connections in the workplace. 

Skills. How to identify 12 hidden skills that you definitely have. Once you find them, discover which ones are the transferable skills that help you build an unstoppable career.

Learning. The Feynman technique is a great hack for learning a new subject. Here are five keys to get the most out of the Feyman technique.

Tasks. 80% of your todo list items come from two places. Are you doing enough to protect your time? If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t panic.

EmotionsSeven Rules for Emotional Health. #6 in this list really resonated for me, I’m sure I have spent too much time solving the wrong problems.   

Silence. How the absence of noise can help you make better decisions. Some interesting science on why it pays to get a little β€˜peace and quiet’ when you are working on important things.

Random Journal Prompt: How does helping others contribute to your happiness? Over 550 more journal prompts here.
view of Earth and satellite
Photo by NASA / Unsplash

Memory. Four secrets from neuroscience that will improve your recall. Interesting information on the types of memory that you use.

Energy. Thirty-three reasons why you feel tired all the time. I’m a huge advocate for optimising sleep, this article has the key things to address.

Productivity. One of the best ways to save time is to learn the most common keyboard shortcuts.  Here’s a great list for Windows users, and for Mac users. I regularly look at things I repeat frequently using my mouse and see if there is a way to keep my hands on the keyboard.

AI. What can Artificial Intelligence do today? This site analyses over 5000 AI tools, and identifies their capabilities. A useful catalogue of tools and use cases.

Space. Where is the International Space Station? Is it over your head?

Finally.   LinkedIn has added some daily games to its platform. You can find them here, and team up with people in your company to play. Bonus: If you use Slack, you can use this tool to keep slacking and appear super busy.

My mammoth 2024 playlist has fantastic tunes added every day. You can follow along here.

πŸ”ˆ Stuff to Listen to...

It's Sega Bodega -- my new album Dennis is out now and I'm going on tour  later this year! AMA! : r/popheads

🎧 This week's aural treat is the new album from Irish-Scottish music producer and musician Sega Bodega.

Dennis is a collection of tracks based on the idea of disorientation, and features some swirling keyboards alongside acoustic guitars and distant vocals.

I really love the sound of the production on this, super easy to listen to but layered enough to stay interesting.

Highly Recommended.

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πŸ‘“ Stuff #185 - festina lente!

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