πŸ‘“ Stuff #181 - push your chair back!

Use the 4D's method to power through your inbox, learn a great framework for career changes and what pushing your chair back really means. Plus, the Paris waiters' race and a cool movie game.
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πŸ‘“ Stuff #181 - push your chair back!

Hey from Dublin, I'm Matt!

Welcome to new readers since last week, great to have you onboard!

My goal is to help you get the best out of yourself. Each week, I seek out great content to support our personal growth. I’ll couple that with some links that I know you’ll find interesting AND a musical recommendation.

Elsewhere, you can find my daily notes here, and I’m posting on Threads as well.

Thanks for joining me - now, onto the list!

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Monday Motivation.  Let this week be the one where you improve your relationship with your inbox by scheduling some sessions to apply the 4D’s method to your email.  As always, I’ve got you covered. Your sanity and productivity will thank you. 

Career. A step-by-step framework to help you figure out your next move. Some excellent insights and provocations in this.  Understanding what β€˜season’ of life you are in is important. 

Standards. Push your chair back.  A lovely anecdote about personal standards. This really resonated with me.

Rewire.  Five positive thinking techniques that are supported by science.  I have been picking up on negative self-talk (in myself and others) recently, and finding practical ways to deal with that is useful. 

Life.   Are you living on autopilot?  Some therapy techniques you can use to help build a β€˜life worth living’.

HealthThe triple take.  How to balance your mental, emotional and physical health.   Some excellent advice here. 

Productivity. A massive list of personal productivity methods. A completely maximalist guide to a wide range of methodologies.  There is definitely something for you in here

Random Journal Prompt: How did I communicate with others this week, and was it effective? Over 550 more journal prompts here
The Cours Des Cafes in Paris

Happiness.  Research shows that Scandinavian countries rank in the top spots for overall happiness.  Where I live comes in at number 17, a few places above the UK and USA.  

Museum.  The Getty collection. 80000 items have been digitised and placed online for our viewing pleasure.  Some incredible exhibits, like this Parentino drawing of a Satyr or this Mapplethorpe portrait of Debbie Harry.  

Books. Find something new to read based on your mood.  All the books featured are over 4.09/5 on Goodreads. 

Things. 43ish things that don’t really work.  A great list of stuff that doesn’t really work for most people.  I don’t agree with all of them, but #5, #17 and #29 are good cautionary tales.   I also need to start a list of things I think don’t work. 

Airports.  Fascinating insight into how Jamnagar airport managed the unprecedented number of flights associated with the wedding of an Indian Billionaire. 

Paris.  The Paris Waiter Race (Cours des Cafes) is a thing of joy.  Lots of fun to watch, the world needs more silly events like this. 

Finally.  Needledrop is a cool daily game that tests you on your movie soundtrack knowledge.  Guess the film in six attempts from a snippet of the soundtrack. 

My mammoth 2024 playlist has fantastic new tunes added every day. You can follow along here.

πŸ”ˆ Stuff to Listen to...

🎧 This week's aural treat is from someone I don't know a huge amount about. Salvatore Mercatante is a New York based producer who has released a beautiful album called DECAS.

It's short, but packed with futuristic electronica sprinkled with samples of found sound from news broadcast and maybe some vintage radio. There are some epic soundscapes in here, using analogue keyboard textures to create some sombre but warm work. Some of the samples are excellent, just out of reach of memory but recognisable.

I found it very peaceful and reflective to listen to, and great music to have in the background whilst working. I'm currently working through the rest of Mercatante's back catalogue on Bandcamp.

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