πŸ‘“ Stuff #177 - A New York second

Learning about 'time-shielding', and practicing job interviews with AI. Phrases to use when showing support and ways of avoiding burnout. Plus news about your brain and a global weather map.
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πŸ‘“ Stuff #177 - A New York second

Hey everyone, I’m Matt!

My goal is to help you get the best out of yourself. Each week, I seek out great content to support our personal growth. I’ll couple that with some links that I know you’ll find interesting AND a musical recommendation.

Elsewhere, you can find my daily notes here, and I’m posting on Threads as well.

Thanks for joining me - now, onto the good stuff!

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Monday Motivation.   Let this week be the one where you actually shield time for the things you want to do.   This strong approach to timeboxing will help protect your calendar for the things that really matter.

Interviews.   Practice your next job interview with AI.  This very clever site generates behavioural interview questions based on a job description you share, ideal for practicing interview skills. 

IWM.   Fifteen ways to celebrate Womens History Month in your company during March.  Some simple activities to support this important event.

Support.   The three best phrases to use when showing support for someone.

Career. Six great questions to ask at the midpoint of your career. I specifically like #3 and #4 and how, if they intersect, you have started to find your ikigai.

Overwork.  Why we glorify the idea of burnout.  It’s a cult that we cannot afford to worship.   Here are six causes of burnout, and how to avoid them.

Random Journal Prompt: How do you handle criticism and what can you learn from it? Over 500 more journal prompts here
grayscale traffic light near building
A New York Second - the period of time between the traffic lights turning green and the cab behind you honking (Terry Pratchett).

Measurements.   Do you know a beard-sec from a smoot?  This list of humorous units of measurement is β€˜sagan’ hysterical.  

Books.  Bookpecker takes 15000 books, and asks ChatGPT to summarise them into five bullets.  A great way to discover your next read. 

Autopilot.   What your brain is doing when you are not doing anything.   Interesting research into something called β€˜default mode’. 

Thinking.   How to be alone with your thoughts, and find enjoyment in your inner monologue. 

Music.  How genres of music are changing as we are exposed to styles from around the world.

Weather.   Global weather map.  Brilliant visualisation of weather around the entire globe. 

Finally:  Wordhoop is a daily game of anagrams and connections.  Simple but teasing. 

Once again, I'm building a mammoth playlist for the year. You can follow along here, we're already at over an hour of bangers.

πŸ”ˆ Stuff to Listen to...

🎧 If Saltburn was an album, it might be 'Prelude to Ecstasy' by The Last Dinner Party, an indie band from London.

Filled with grand, baroque sounds, Prelude to Ecstasy is a romp. Huge choruses and anthemic riffs sit alongside some hook filled pop songs. I particularly love The Feminine Urge and On Your Side which are absolute earworms. Nothing matters feels like the climax of the album - a superb track with a massive singalong chorus.

I hear a touch of Florence and the Machine and maybe Sparks in the grandeur and expansiveness of the songs.

This has been on heavy rotation at Stuff towers for the last few weeks, and is a a highly recommended album.

The latest Stuff Mixtape is out, #22 contains bangers from Dudu Tassa | Orbital | Suzanne Ciani | Jerskin Fendrix | John Holt | Nils Frahm | Klangkarussell | Lee 'Scratch' Perry all available here.
Stuff someone said.
Building trust...This is hard, it takes time, and success isn’t guaranteed
Jacob Kaplan-Moss

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