πŸ‘“ Stuff #171 - you're not short...

Time to develop unstoppable motivation, and navigate a micromanager with grace. There are 10 lists that can change your life, and a murder mystery logic game to keep you amused.
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πŸ‘“ Stuff #171 - you're not short...

Hey, Matt here!

Welcome to a new week and to new readers since last issue. A reminder that you can find me on the web and on Threads AND that I'm writing every day in 2024, you can catch up with my daily notes here.

Thanks for joining me - now, onto the good stuff!

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Monday Motivation.   Let this week be the one where you develop unstoppable motivation.   This guide explains how you can understand what motivates you and then understand how to align your actions to what really matters to you. 

Micromanaged?  Back in Stuff #99 I shared some tips on how to deal with a micromanager.  Now I’ve written some more ways to navigate the challenge of a Micromanager with grace. 

Lists.  Ten lists you can write to 10x your life in 2024.   There are some amazing thought provoking ideas in here.

Uncertainty.  It’s only human to fear the unknown, but some positive thinking can reduce your unease and embrace potential opportunities. 

Ideas.  Extreme brainstorming questions that will trigger new, better ideas.   I really like these radical ways to inspire new thinking.   See also - Oblique Strategies. 

Morning.  Five workouts you can do in the morning that required no equipment and no expense.  The benefits of morning

BONUS STUFF :  Science has shown that gratitude can change you and your brain. Try my simple 28 day gratitude challenge.  

Random Journal Prompt: Write about a time when your creativity helped you overcome a challenge. (Over 500 journal prompts here)

Reading.   Thirty Four of the best life changing books.  I’ve read 11 of these, and there are some excellent titles. I’ll check back on this list to read some more. 

MoviesThe 150 greatest Science Fiction Movies of all time.   I don’t agree with the ranking here… Interstellar should be higher than #64.   One of my favourites β€˜Moon’ is only at #57.   Number #35 is not really a science fiction movie, but is superb.  However, I do think that the top 10 are about right.  

Coke.  An advert for coca-cola, only directed by the same person that directed the best episode of The Bear, β€˜Fishes’. 

CalendarA different way to view todays date, in full context. 

Tech.   Ten breakthrough technologies to watch in 2024  From AI to CRISPR, you can get ahead with what will be making breakthroughs in 2024. 

HipHop.  A historical archive of over 300,000 hiphop mixtapes from legendary website

Finally.   Thanks to regular reader JC. Murdle is an excellent daily mystery puzzle

Once again I'm building a mammoth playlist for the year. You can follow along here, we're already at over an hour of bangers. The 2023 version is still alive.

πŸ”ˆ Stuff to Listen to...

Sprints Letter to Self

🎧 Last weekend I was looking for some music to keep me motivated whilst doing my morning workout. I needed something with energy and I stumbled across the first kick drums of the opening track to β€˜Letter to Self’. 

Sprints are a four-piece from Dublin fronted by Karla Chubb and I was aware of a single called Literary Mind which I found myself humming after hearing it on Radio 6. 

The album is eleven blistering garage rock tracks.  Short and ferocious with a raw emotion that spits out of the speakers.  There are intense drums, fearsome guitars and occasionally howling vocals that remind me of Hole or PJ Harvey. 

Songs are tight and hard-hitting, with some anthemic moments in amongst the fury. 

So, I found it by accident and it’s been on heavy rotation this week. 

Highly recommend checking out Sprints - Letter to Self. 

Stuff someone said.
"The tools that are available to each of us are so powerful, so varied and so complex that even the free ones are ignored or misunderstood. We’re too busy doing work to get much done."
Seth Godin

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