๐Ÿ‘“ Stuff #153 - squelchy bangers

I'm looking at ways to improve the all-important 1:1 meeting, as well as stuff about milestones, confessions and acid house.
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๐Ÿ‘“ Stuff #153 - squelchy bangers
August, die she must. ย Simon and Garfunkel

Welcome to September, it is hard to believe we're approaching the tail end of 2023. ย I've got you covered with curious things as we move into the last third of the year!

Last weeks most clicked link was The Spotify Clock, a lot of fun to be had there. ย This week, I'm thinking about the importance ย of the one-to-one meeting at work, as well as sharing some Stuff about milestones, confessions and acid house.

Also, a big welcome to the new readers that are joining the newsletter through my series of journal prompts - I now have nearly 500 categorised prompts that can help you kick start your journalling practice, and find new insights. ย 

Thank you all for being here on our joint journey of curiosity.

Till next Monday, enjoy...

๐Ÿ‘“ The Big Stuff - the most critical meeting

I had many 1:1 meetings this week. ย  In the middle of changes at work, there are few things more important than connecting with your team and finding out what concerns them. ย 

I often refer to the 1:1 meeting as one of the basic atoms of management. ย Safe spaces for building teams, developing individuals and sharing feedback (both ways) are critical as you make your way into management.

I've published a list of questions that managers can ask in 1:1's, and it is one of my most read articles on the site, but what about the reverse?

If you have a 1:1 with your boss this week, what are the best ways to be ready for this critical meeting? ย  I have you covered here as well, check out my short guide to Maximizing 1:1 meetings with your Manager

There are plenty more guides to optimising the 1:1 meeting, and as you think about your week it is worth ensuring that this important connection is your #1 priority.

Monday Motivation: Let this week be the one where you optimise your day by improving your daily routine. This site has all the inspiration you need.

๐Ÿง  The Other Stuff

Journal Prompt of the week: What are some ways you can increase positivity in your home environment? (Want more? Try here)

๐ŸŒž The Little Stuff

Maximizing 1:1 Meetings with Your Manager
Your 1:1 meeting with your manager is an invaluable opportunity to foster open communication, gain clarity on your role, and align on expectations.

๐ŸŽง Aural Stuff

On the Stuff Speakers this week...

๐ŸŽง This week, something different for your aural treat. ย My Facebook feed filled up during the last week with 'Top 20s' of songs that give people joy. ย Not necessarily favourite songs, but the songs which make you feel joyous.

I compiled mine, and then immediately worried that I had left off some other joy giving songs - even after I had included Louis Prima, Elbow and they Arctic Monkeys!

Then a friend of mine started to pull all the lists together to make a joy-filled mega-playlist. ย It stands at over 1000 songs and would take 72 hours to listen to - but my advice is to click the button, hit shuffle and you should find something to give you a massive smile.

A reminder that every day I add to my mammoth 2023 highs playlist. I'm at well over 240 tracks now, everyone a banger!
Journal Prompts - Positivity
Finding time for introspection and reflection is a vital tool for growth, here are fifty journal prompts to help you cultivate Positivity in your life.

๐Ÿ‘‚๐Ÿผ Stuff Someone Said

You get to decide where your time goes. You can either spend it moving forward, or you can spend it putting out fires. You decide. And if you donโ€™t decide, others will decide for you.

Tony Morgan

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