πŸ‘“ Stuff #149 - a river not a bucket

I'm looking at filtering out the noise, for focus - as well as Atomic Accountability. Later on, we'll see how pencils are made and play a game that changes every second!
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πŸ‘“ Stuff #149 - a river not a bucket
All a matter of perspective

It's a public holiday here in Ireland today, and I'm sending this week's mail from (the Republic of) Cork in the South of Ireland. Β 

Last week saw a record number of clicks on my growing collection of Journal Prompts, I hope people are finding them useful.

This week, I'm looking at how we filter out noise to get real focus, and I have a lovely musical recommendation as well as all the usual stuff.

I haven't asked for a while, so it would be great if you could forward Stuff on to one friend and get them to sign up - it'll keep our little community growing.

Thank you all for being here on our joint journey of curiosity.

Till next Monday, enjoy...

πŸ‘“ The Big Stuff - how big is yours?

I have a massive Tsundoku. Β I've mentioned it before.

I'm not boasting, but I'm not ashamed. Β I love reading, and I love books and I buy many of them on impulse. Β (One-Click shopping is useful and dangerous!)

This week, I was deciding which books to read on vacation and I stumbled across this article from Oliver Burkeman, which suggests that reframing your 'to read' pile to make it seem like a place to look for something new, not a 'list' to be completed.

Treat your Tsundoku like a river not a bucket.

Burkeman then goes on to explain that many of the 'lists' we deal with feel overwhelming because we don't filter what goes into them. Β 

In a world of effectively infinite information, the better you get at sifting the wheat from the chaff, the more you end up crushed beneath a never-ending avalanche of wheat.

This is especially true of our old favourite, the to-do list - just look at all those apps! Β With multiple (endless) inputs, we can end up crushed under the avalanche of wheat - even if we filter well.

Fortunately, we have great tools for deciding what to work on next, but nothing works better than having a clear view of your goals to stay focused on.

Oh - and for my holiday, I'm taking only fiction. Β The rest can wait.

Monday Motivation: Let this week be the one where you tackle your boredom. If you're bored, try one of these practical tips. 

🧠 The Other Stuff

Journal Prompt of the week: Write about a time when you chose happiness despite difficult circumstances. (Want more? Try here)

🌞 The Little Stuff

🌿 Digital Detox: 9 ways to spring-clean your online world!
Discover 9 game-changing tips to declutter your digital life this spring! Unleash your productivity, boost your security, and take control of your online world with our ultimate spring-cleaning guide. It’s time to refresh, revitalize, and reclaim your digital space!

🎧 Aural Stuff

On the Stuff Speakers this week...

🎧 My audio treat this week is from Belbury Poly, a studio band, formed by Ghost Box records owner Jim Jupp.

The Path is something of a concept album, and difficult to describe, somewhere between electronica and prog rock and even jazz - with snippets of spoken word. Β  As with all the Belbury Poly stuff, there is something that makes it feel very British - even with some more jazzy influences this time as the project expands to be a full band.

It's the second album in two weeks featuring a slightly disembodied voice (Headache), although this one is less AI influences - and it tells a story of 'The Path' which I won't spoil in any way but calls to mind landscapes.

A reminder that every day I add to my mammoth 2023 highs playlist. I'm at well over 200 tracks now, everyone a banger!
Journal Prompts - Happiness
Finding time for introspection and reflection is a vital tool for growth, here are fifty journal prompts to help you find and cultivate happiness

πŸ‘‚πŸΌ Stuff Someone Said

If 'no' is not an option.... then neither is 'yes'.

Seth Godin

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