πŸ‘“ Stuff #144 - emotional pants

Being a mentor can provide mutual benefits for your career as well as the mentee. Problem solving is the soft skill you need to master at work, and there are puzzle galore as well as some emotional support pants. PLUS - the 2023 Highs playlist hits a milestone!
Matt 4 min read
πŸ‘“ Stuff #144 - emotional pants
David Shrigley

Happy Monday! I hope Stuff finds you safe and well... Β if you're in the US, enjoy the extra day off this week.

Last week, the most clicked link was the Goodnight Phone webcomic, which seems to have connected with a lot of readers.

Thanks to everyone that has signed up this week, directly from my new series of journal prompts - I'm dropping fifty new journal prompts each week, you can find the whole collection here.

I'm hitting an cool milestone this week, my 2023 highs playlist will reach halfway on its journey. Β So far, I have 181 tracks, running at 13 hours - and I'm adding something new and interesting every day. Β It's getting a lot of followers, and I hope you'll join me there.

Thanks for being here on our joint journey of curiosity, and the new subscribers, hey!

Till next Monday, enjoy...

πŸ‘“ The Big Stuff - the benefits of a mentor

During the COVID lockdown, I mentored a young person in South Africa who was making the transition from University into the world of work. Β  We worked together on building a CV, developing a LinkedIn profile and some of the skills needed to find a job.

It was a rewarding exercise.

If you've had a mentor, you'll know the benefits this relationship can bring - but being a mentor can be rewarding for multiple reasons.

There are multiple ways to find a mentor, and if you want to help someone else on their journey, you can find a professional scheme.

Once you find the scheme, and mentee to suit you there are many ways to be successful. Β These guides are an excellent start.

I hope you'll consider being a mentor to someone making progress on their journey, and reap the mutual benefits for yourself.

Monday Motivation: Let this week be the one where you work on your Emotional Intelligence with this excellent EI toolkit.

🧠 The Other Stuff

Journal Prompt of the week: What lessons are you grateful for from the past month? (Want more? Try here)

🌞 The Little Stuff

πŸ’€ Sleep Hygiene: The Secret to Restful Nights and Energized Days
Sleep is essential, and without it, we may feel like zombies trudging through life. Unfortunately, quality sleep can often be elusive, as hectic schedules, screen-time, and stress take a toll on our rest.

🎧 Aural Stuff

On the Stuff Speakers this week...

🎧 Every morning I post a new music discovery to my 2023 Highs playlist.  Something cool and interesting that maybe you haven't heard before.  We're reaching the halfway point in the journey, with 181 tracks so far and nearly 14 hours of music.

This is the ideal playlist to hit shuffle on, and enjoy all day - on your commute, at your desk, or just chilling. Β 

I guarantee you'll find something fantastic to listen to.

Journal Prompts - Gratitude
Finding time for introspection and reflection is a vital tool for growth, here are fifty journal prompts to support your gratitude practice

πŸ‘‚πŸΌ Stuff Someone Said

"To be aware of a single shortcoming in oneself is more useful than to be aware of a thousand in someone else."

Dalai Lama

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