Stuff #125 - 2802 weeks so far!

This week from London, I'm looking at ways to network even when you are remote, and improvements you can make to your difficult 1:1's. There is a new Stuff Mixtape, some Binaural Beats and the most beautiful streets in the world.
Matt 3 min read
Stuff #125 - 2802 weeks so far!

Hey from London,

I've taken a trip across the Irish channel to catch up with family, I'm enjoying being back in some old stomping grounds and changing my perspective on the world again.

Last week, the list of modern rules inspired a lot of comments (and clicks), if you have any thoughts on this week's mail, hit reply and let me know.

This week, I'm sharing the latest Stuff Mixtape, another bumper edition with some incredible tracks to accompany the newsletter.   I'll let you fire this one up, and then we'll get on with the list...

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Thanks for being here, see you next Monday...

The Stuff Ten

  1. Monday Motivation:   Let this week be the one where you develop your network, even whilst working remotely.   Developing human connections when you work flexibly and asynchronously can be tricky, but there are ways of building culture in any environment.
  2. Your new superpower:  The 1:1 is the basic 'atom' of work relationships, but what happens when things are difficult?  Turns out, there is an art to having an 'awkward' 1:1.  If you need inspiration for your 1:1's, my free question bank is available.
  3. I've been alive 2802 weeks:  Out of maybe 4000.  What are you doing to ensure that your remaining weeks 'leave your mark'.  This excellent site helps you prioritise what you are doing for the remainder of your weeks.   The shortest answer is: start living now.
  4. Take care: Binaural beats can help you focus as you study or work, but studies now show that they can help with anxiety and stress as well.   There are good examples available on YouTube, and Spotify has some playlists that are perfect.
  5. TWIL:  This is how vinyl records are made.  I kind of knew this, but relearned it with this lovely YouTube video. Bonus Stuff - here's a needle travelling through a record, under an electron microscope!
  6. Take a walk:  53 of the most beautiful streets in the world, including #44 not very far from where I am this weekend.  When you walk down these streets, you can improve how you appreciate the buildings as well.
  7. How powerful is your passport? The country that issued your passport has an important influence on where you can travel, and how easy it is to get there. Find out which country has the most powerful passport. The answer might surprise you.  Powerful is not the same as beautiful.
  8. AI-ght: This week's useful AI tools include Soundbetter which will help you rephrase anything in a more professional manner to help you at work. Magic Studio will help you edit or create amazing visuals with the power of artificial intelligence. will generate a (sometimes hilarious) quiz for you on any prompt you give it.  
  9. Freeform - fun:  How long is this meeting?  Longer than an F1 pitstop? Or Longer than The Godfather movie (2hrs 55m) - this little tool will tell you how long you've been stuck there!
  10. Finally: Themedle, a fiendish puzzle game - can you guess a movie/TV programme from its theme tune?  Harder than it sounds!

🎧 Aural Stuff

What's on the Stuff speakers this week? 

🎧 Only one thing for your ears this week, the latest edition of the Stuff Mixtape is made especially for YOU, and packed full of great tunes.

Classy soul, sits alongside timeless soul.  Indie pop snuggles up with the sound of fun UK rap.  Crisp electronica nestles with music from around the world.

I love making these mixes, and I hope you enjoy them too.

Stuff someone said

"Life is made of ever so many partings welded together." - Charles Dickens

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