Stuff #123 - breathe deeply...

It's time to up your reading, and improve your decision-making skills. I find ways for AI to make your life better, as well as share some ugly buildings.
Matt 3 min read
Stuff #123 - breathe deeply...

Hey from Dublin,

I hope that the weeks mail finds you safe and well.

It's a public holiday here in Ireland, celebrating St Brigid of Kildare who apparently was able to turn water into beer, which is every reason to be beatified.

I approve 100%.

A big thank you to new visitors over the last month, I've seen a decent bit of growth despite some clean-up from subscribers that don't open the mail at all.

If you're enjoying Stuff, I'd โ™ฅ๏ธ if you would hit 'forward' and share this with a friend, if not hit 'reply' and tell me how I can make Stuff better for you. ย 

As always - thanks for being here - it's great to have you join me each week! If you received this from an amazing friend, get your own copy here.

The Stuff Ten

  1. Monday Motivation: ย Let this week be the one where you improve your reading. ย  If you spend 1% of your day reading, the benefits compound. You can build a simple system to read 30 books a year. ย  Here are three more tips to help you read more. ย  You could even form a habit, 20 pages per day will take 30 mins and will change your life. ย You can use my free tracker to help build the habit.
  2. Your new superpower: I had to make a tough decision at work this week, I'm grateful for the people around that helped me get more comfortable making the choice. ย What also helped was falling back on a framework - I used this process to make my tough call.
  3. Essential Reading: ย Are you moving fast, or moving with velocity? ย Growth is a direction, not a destination.
  4. Take care: Any budget, any challenge - now AI can help generate your skin care routine. ย  ย There is also a club.
  5. TWIL: ย Punxsutawney Phil is not the only weather predicting rodent in America. ย 
  6. Breathe deeply: ย I've been using a deep breathing technique (4-7-8) to help get to sleep for a while now, now there is an app that can help you alleviate stress, energize yourself or even improve endurance. ย Bonus Stuff - more ways to help improve your sleep.
  7. No more pop-ups: ย  Super Agent sits in your browser and stops the annoying cookie pop-ups, I've been using this for a few weeks and it's brilliant.
  8. Global Eyesores: ย The ugliest buildings in the world, as decided by Twitter. Including a UK and US specific list. ย There are a few in here which I really like, Balfron Tower in London is a design classic!
  9. Ask Bill, or Yoda, or Michael Scott: ย uses AI to let you have a conversation with famous people. ย I had a decent chat with Bill Gates. ย Alternatively, you can have a chat with a cat.
  10. Finally: ย Weaver is a new way of playing one of the oldest puzzle games. ย It's great to see how close you were to the perfect solution. nave
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๐ŸŽง Aural Stuff

What's on the Stuff speakers this week? 

๐ŸŽง Celebrating Black History Month with this excellent playlist charting some amazing artists. ย From futuristic R&B to proto-rock'n'roll via all points in between.

I highly recommend putting this playlist on for 3 hours of top tunes.

If you ever need an Icebreaker for a meeting, check out The Questions: it's my free pile of random questions to kick start your conversations.

Stuff someone said

"Surround yourself with people where your desired behavior is the normal behavior." - James Clear

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