Stuff #116 - kanpai, slainte, skal!

Revisiting habits and their benefits, talking about thinking concepts that everyone should know. Discovering drinking habits from around the world, and continuing a round-up of the best of 2022. Finally, fire an asteroid into the earth whilst listening to the new Stuff Mixtape.
Matt 4 min read
Stuff #116 - kanpai, slainte, skal!

Hey from Dublin,

When I was young, the pre-Christmas editions of TV magazines were bumper issues, with free stuff and double content.  This edition of Stuff is no different, the usual amazing Stuff, with a couple of free bonuses!

First up, I've launched a new tool for the journal keepers.  Nearly a hundred people have completed the 30-day journaling challenge, and some have asked me how they can continue their practice with some extra prompts.  So, I've built a twitter bot that will generate a new journal prompt each day, you can follow @journallingS here.

Secondly, it's the Stuff Mixtape.  Edition #8 is here with some classic soul and gentle reggae alongside some dancefloor bangers and some crisp electronica.  It's the ideal accompaniment to the list, so I'll give you a chance to start it now before we get into things.

I need a favour, I'm really trying to grow Stuff and if YOU could send this email onto one or two friends and get them to sign up, I'd be really grateful .  

As always - thanks for being here - it's great to have you join me each week! If you received this from an amazing friend, get your own copy here.

The Stuff30 Journaling Challenge
Getting started with a journal can be tricky, I have you covered with 30 days of simple prompts, directly to your inbox.
Introducing the Stuff30 - a simple journaling challenge. Join me for 30 days of prompts to kick start your daily journaling. 

The Stuff Ten

  1. Monday Motivation:   Let this week be the one where you revisit the habits you've been building this year, and up your game even further, even if you didn't succeed last time.   Here are five steps to build a habit, and 22 habits that will solve 90% of your problems.  As always, Stuff has you covered with a free habit tracker. Make a copy and start your journey to better habits today.  
  2. Your new superpower:  Talking of habits, scientists now know what it takes to be happy.   It's simpler than you think.
  3. Essential Reading: 40 useful concepts that everyone should know and understand.  Bonus stuff - learn about inversion, the crucial thinking skill that no-one taught you.
  4. Take care:  Can you boost your wellbeing AND productivity with a four-day week, a new study is showing the benefits.  Maybe it's time to talk to your company to see if it's possible?
  5. TWIL:  Toasting with a soft drink in Spain will bring you seven years of bad luck, or bad sex.  And in Japan, it's bad form to fill your own glass.  Drinking habits around the world are fascinating.
  6. You've come a long way baby!  But remember, progress isn't always visible.
  7. The best of 2022 (Part 2): Continuing my look at the best of the year (part 1 last week), the AP press photograph of the year shows a planet under pressure.  The best Northern Lights photo of the year has some beautiful skyscapes, and the BBC 100 Women of the year reminds us of some extraordinary role models.
  8. No parking on a double Elmo: A city in Canada has found a sweet way of collecting parking fines this year.  Offenders can pay in toys for local children.
  9. Come space rocks, fall on Slough? If you've ever wanted to obliterate a town, city or even an old street - why not fire an asteroid at it?
  10. Finally: Pretend to be a hacker. Pro-tip: this 100% looks impressive when someone walks past your desk.

🎧 Aural Stuff

What's on the Stuff speakers this week? 

I mentioned it in the intro, but repetition doesn't spoil a prayer so I'm recommending the Stuff Mixtape as the aural treat of the week.

Every month I build a playlist of the tunes that are in my orbit, and this month I have nearly an hour of absolute bangers for you.

Kicking off with a bona fide soul classic from Shuggie Otis, a sultry love song from Nancy Wilson and a classic reggae tune from Phyllis Dillon and the Tornadoes. There is some crisp electronica from Royksopp, Gorillaz and John Grant, followed by some dancefloor action from Romy & Fred Again... with Future Utopia and Honey Dijon keeping the tempo high.  

Bringing us home is a sublime slab of ambient from Myles O'Reilly.

I hope you enjoy the mix tape as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Stuff someone said

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough" - Anonymous

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