Stuff #107 - big up Otis!

I'm back in Dublin, and thinking about how we can improve our luck at work and beyond. We're avoiding being boring, and keeping track of Fat Bear week and looking at board games from the 1960's.
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Stuff #107 - big up Otis!

Hey from Dublin,

I want to say thanks to the new subscribers this week, great to have you on board as we set sail into October, the month of pumpkins and skeletons.

I'm back in Dublin, where the weather has shifted gear into full autumnal mode and I've even started thinking about getting some wood for the fire. ย  Not before I share the latest edition of Stuff with you.

If you're enjoying Stuff, I'd โ™ฅ๏ธ if you would hit 'forward' and share this with a friend, if not hit 'reply' and tell me how I can make Stuff better for you. ย 

As always - thanks for being here - it's great to have you join me each week! If you received this from an amazing friend, get your own copy here.

The Stuff Ten

  1. Monday Motivation: ย Let this week be the one where you increase your luck. There are four types of luck, and you have more control than you think. ย Here are five practical ways to be lucky at work. ย  If you are feeling out of luck, here are nine more ways to improve your fortunes. ย Being optimistic doesn't mean everything is rainbows, but that in the presence of challenges we remain resolute in our ability to overcome them.
  2. The Future belongs to Optimists: ย Cultivating an atmosphere of optimism is a superpower you can build in your workplace that will have positive effects on wellbeing and engagement. ย 
  3. How not to be boring: Some excellent advice (in the form of rules) that will save you from being boring. ย  Not sure if you are? ย Then take this handy quiz. ย 
  4. Take care: Avoid burnout by flipping the model of the meetings you participate in, some great advice in here.
  5. TWIL: ย Board Games were beautiful in the late 1960's.
  6. Towards self-care: I love this simple tip towards better self-care, worth trying this one out. ย  If you really like the idea, you can get very serious!
  7. How many days since? ย How long since the planet has done something weird. ย Someone is keeping count. ย  At the time of writing, it was only 15 minutes since an earthquake...
  8. Made with Bravery: ย  I very rarely recommend anything to buy, but this platform is brilliant, with proceeds going to support organisations helping to rebuild Ukraine.
  9. Fat Bear Week: I covered this a year ago, but it's back and better than ever! ย The bears need to get fat before winter, so they chow down in a quest to be a champion Fat Bear. ย Can Otis reclaim his crown? ย This feels like a sporting event
  10. Finally: Heyyyy, Hooooo! No, not that one.
The Stuff30 Journaling Challenge
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Introducing the Stuff30 - a simple journaling challenge. Join me for 30 days of prompts to kick start your daily journaling. 

๐ŸŽง Aural Stuff

What's on the Stuff speakers this week? 

I've been listening to a lot of old soul this week, and on mutliple playlists there was one group I didn't recognise that kept popping up. ย Turns out, they're new soul, but they sound like something a bit older.

Monophonics are from the Bay Area, and have a light, psychedelic sound that is absolutely perfect for late night listening.

Their new album is called Sage Motel and is an excellent collection of cinematic tracks with timeless hooks. ย 

I guarantee you will enjoy.

Stuff someone said

"The cutting of the gem has to be finished before you can see whether it shines." - Leonard Cohen

If you ever need an Icebreaker for a meeting, check out The Questions: it's my free pile of random questions to kick start your conversations.
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