Stuff #103 - six words are all I have

I'm back in some sunshine, and looking at self-care, soft skills and kindness as muscles that can be developed. We'll also talk about book clubs, memoirs and the incredible Elastic Man!
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Stuff #103 - six words are all I have
Hi from Murcia, I'm Matt...

I'm back in Spain for a few weeks, working from somewhere warm as the 'soft' days arrive in Dublin. It's been an interesting week of news - so I hope this week's Stuff provides some distraction from the news cycle.

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Onward with the Stuff that MattRs this week...
  1. Monday Motivation: ย  Let this week be the one that you grow your self-care skills. ย Let's start with 'You Feel Like Sh*t', a simple (fun) game that seeks out your needs for self-care. Then, maybe follow one of these two self-care bots on Twitter which send you regular reminders of activities that benefit you. ย  EverydayCareBot or SelfCareBot will both look after you.
  2. Your new superpower: I often get asked about switching disciplines or entire careers, and what skills will help people get to their desired goal. ย The secret is always to focus on the soft skills that make you desirable wherever you might choose to work. ย I tend to search for three key soft skills; curiosity, communication and critical thinking.
  3. Essential Reading: Kindness is a contagion that has a positive effect on both sides of the exchange. Research has found the benefits are far deeper than originally thought. ย  You can start with the simplest of acts.
  4. Take care: The next time you are waiting for something, try letting your mind wander rather than picking up your phone. ย Your mind would prefer that.
  5. TWIL: ย The world dreams most frequently about snakes. There is now a map of what appears most commonly in dreams around the world. ย In Armenia it's Grapes, but Albania - WTF?
  6. Silence negative chatter: Six practical techniques to help you calm your mind when you need it most.
  7. Join a book club: Think about a book club, is this what you imagine? Not any more, as this clever site can help you find or organise a group that is perfect for you.
  8. Will think about it some more: ย Six-Word Memoirs, an extraordinary project. Writers and readers condense their biography. The merest essence in six words. ย What would your simple sentence be?
  9. Fancy a quick trip? Hit Random Street View to visit somewhere new. ย Does exactly what it says on the tin! ย 
  10. Finally: Elastic Man. ย Just do it, you won't regret watching his little eyes!
Book Notes: How the Future Works
How The Future Works looks at ways to enable teams and organisations to take advantage of the flexible work revolution.
I wrote some notes and a small review on this excellent book about flexible working. 
Do you love independent writing? I recommend The Sample. Every day, they will send you a novel newsletter you might like, no obligation.
My aural stuff for you this week is an excellent playlist of ambient electronica featuring relaxing and contemplative sounds from Japanese musicians.

Listen to Ambient Japan on Spotify here. 

Stuff that someone said:

"To you, she was your Queen. To us, she was the Queen." ย  Emmanuel Macron (via)
If you ever need an Icebreaker for a meeting, check out The Questions: it's my free pile of random questions to kick start your conversations.

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