Stuff #101 - In Magnificent Glow

Time blocking can do wonders for your productivity, and your sanity. I look at some practical ways to create positivity at work, and examine how marketing can help our careers. I can also help you make money from your expertise and figure out what would happen if you swallowed a cloud.
Matt 3 min read
Stuff #101 - In Magnificent Glow
Hi from Austin, Texas, I'm Matt...

Wow. Just wow. I did a very quick post on LinkedIn last week to mark the special 100th issue I did last week, and the response has been spectacular! A big welcome to all the new subscribers this week as I return to my normal format.

I'm in Austin this week, working with my global team for a few days, and excited to be here, but as always we start the week with our list of Stuff to make us all smarter, stronger and more super.

Can I ask a small favour? If you could see your way clear to forwarding this mail to an amazing friend and sharing the goodness, we'd continue the stellar growth of our little community. I'd be very grateful.

Thank you for being a part of Stuff. If you received this email from an excellent friend, and would like to subscribe, please go here. If you'd like an archive of Stuff from the beginning of 2022 - it's here.

Onward with the Stuff that MattRs this week...
  1. Monday Motivation: ย  At the beginning of 2022, I worked with my assistant to redesign my calendar so that I could take advantage of time-blocking and create focus time. ย Each day I know have 1 or 2 hours that are unbookable, and allow me to be fully productive. ย For some, this technique has saved them from burnout. ย  Here are some ways that you can implement time blocking.
  2. Your new superpower: ย Everyone should learn a little about marketing, why don't we start with learning how to market ourselves effectively? ย Time invested here will help your career.
  3. Essential Reading: ย Ten excellent, practical ways to create positivity at work. Try one of these this week, I guarantee it will do the trick.
  4. Take care: We've said it many times to our colleagues, and heard it as many times ourselves, but how do you really be kind to yourself? Psyche gives you some practical advice on self-compassion. ย 
  5. TWIL: ย Going a little bit viral on LinkedIn is full of good things, but now you can use AI to write your posts for you.
  6. Time to start planning your next break! ย  The 2022 guide to the World's Best Hotels is published, with some beautiful looking places to put your feet up for a week.
  7. What are you an expert in? ย will help you monetise your expertise and make dollars for your precious time and advice.
  8. Don't get too comfortable: ย I loved this collection of deliberately inconvenient everyday items. ย A timely reminder of how easy and blessed our lives are. ย (Found via 10+1 things, an excellent newsletter from my new friend Rishikesh)
  9. What if? What would happen if you swallowed a cloud? Or if you filled the solar system with soup? ย  Let the brilliant Randall Munroe tell you the answers, he has some form.
  10. Finally: ย Apple is running out of ideas. It's time for YOU to step up and help design the next iPhone. ย 
If you ever need an Icebreaker for a meeting, check out The Questions: it's my free pile of random questions to kick start your conversations.
My aural stuff for you this week is the beautiful new album from Stuff favourite, Pantha Du Prince. It's called Garden Gaia, and its a stunning journey of gentle and thought-provoking electronica.

Pantha du Prince is German composer Hendrik Weber who made some of my favourite electronic, house and techno music over the last years. I highly recommend checking out this album, and investigating his back catalogue.

Listen to Garden Gaia by Pantha Du Prince right here.

Stuff that someone said:

"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." ย  Melody Beattie (web)

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