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Hi, I'm Matt!

Hi, I'm Matt!

I write Stuff that MattR’s, a newsletter for the curious, full of ideas about everyday things that make us smarter.

What else have I done?

  1. I helped to design and develop The Questions - an app designed to help you with icebreakers to bring value and engagement to your meetings.
  2. I own and run ShootClay Forum, an online community for Clay Target shooters from around the world.  With 5.5k members, it's an active and interesting group.
  3. I spend my days at Meta, and previously have worked at LinkedIn, Microsoft and more.  You can find out more at LinkedIn.

Get in Touch

  1. Twitter - if you have a short message, hit me up on Twitter (@mattr) and I'll get back to you.
  2. Email - for anything longer, try my email - matt AT