Walk the journey

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Walk the journey
Photo by Arek Adeoye / Unsplash

It's not difficult. Stop making it look difficult.

You are kidding no-one.

Understanding customer experience is not hard. Just put yourself in the shoes of your customer, and live the experience they get.

Examine every step. Forensically. Do it multiple times, and make mistakes on purpose.

Only by experiencing your customers' journey, can you see the challenges and make adjustments you need to drive improvements.

When you've done that, do it again.

Keep on doing it. Rinse and repeat until you have ironed out all the creases. Until you have cracked the code. Until you have found ways to make your customer happy.

Not just satisfied. Happy.

You can invest in all the tools and studies that you want, but nothing will replace walking in your shoes of your customer.

Once you have done that. You can move to the next step.

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