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Tracking Outbound Links in Ghost

Tracking outbound links from Ghost is not simple (yet), so here is a solution that I had set up in an hour.

Matt Rutherford
Matt Rutherford
1 min read
Tracking Outbound Links in Ghost
Photo by JJ Ying / Unsplash

New platform, new challenges.

I recently migrated my website and newsletter into Ghost, based around the ease of creation.  However, one feature I missed from Squarespace was the ability to track the links that had been clicked on my newsletters.

After a little bit of research, I decided that one way to do this would be for me to use a URL shortener on my outbound links and track from there.

Here's how I achieved this quickly:

  1. Searched for and bought a domain that was snappy and aligned with my Newsletter - I settled on - which aligned to my newsletter name.  This step took the longest!
  2. Added this domain to my WHM instance and set up a small site for it.
  3. Installed YOURLS from - and set it up to shorten all my URL's to - very impressed with how simple YOURLS is to set up and use.  The scripts are extensible, and there is much more I can do here.
  4. Installed a Chrome Extension to allow me to create URL's quickly.

Four relatively easy steps got this done inside an hour, and now I'm ready to add a branded URL to each of the links that I include in my newsletter and get automatic tracking of which ones are successful.

Any questions on how I got this done, let me know.


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