Top 10 Movies of 2017

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Top 10 Movies of 2017
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As seems to be a tradition on every blog in the world, my top 10 movies of 2017 are below - along with a few memories of them. I didn't get to the cinema as often as I would have liked this year, but it was still a good year for film enjoyment.

Here's my top 10 - links are to IMDB for more info:

  • Baby Driver - I loved the amazing syncopated action and dialogue, and the high octane car chases. I know it's not cool to like Kevin Spacey anymore, but I cannot take away from the fact this film was a lot of fun.
  • Manchester by the Sea - Great script, sad story and some incredible acting made this a highlight for me. I can play the pivotal scene back in my head and still find it catches my breath. (I know this was a 2016 film, but I didn't see it until early this year)
  • Dunkirk - Visually interesting and with an awe-inspiring soundtrack and sound design. I was impressed with the way that Christopher Nolan told the three stories.
  • Logan - Not the last of this franchise, but certainly the most human of the mutant stories. Incredible debut by Dafne Keen.
  • Return to Montauk - Caught this gentle story on a plane, excellent acting and a great script.
  • Victoria and Abdul - Brilliantly funny story about a Queen forming an unusual friendship with an Indian clerk.
  • Atomic Blonde - High action, high style cold war action movie with some amazing stunts and effects.
  • War for the Planet of the Apes - much, much better than I expected. A great end to a trilogy of modern 'apes' movies. The motion capture stuff still impresses me.
  • Wonder Woman - stupid, funny romp from one of the best superheroes.
  • Ghost in the Shell - Perfect soldier, cyber-enhanced, future dystopian world... what's not to love?
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