#18 - October 2023

Mitski | Monophonics | Clark | Noah Yorke | Obanaa | UNKLE | Imperiux plus more great tunes.
Matt 1 min read
#18 - October 2023

The 18th edition of the Stuff Mixtape is once again jammed with great music that has been in my orbit this month. The mixtape runs to nearly 2 hours, and some highlights include:

Opening with the extraordinary Mitski, as well as Noah Yorke and Yaya Bey.   I have an amazing track from UNKLE and previous Stuff favourite Imperieux.  

We go around the world with tracks from Qbanaa (in Spanish) and a great Finnish cover of a Fleetwood Mac tune.

There is some awesome soul from the Monophonics, some classic reggae from Ini Kamoze and a terrific remix from Clark on a tune by Theodore.   

To take us home, there is a beautiful new tune from Vince Clarke, one of the originators of Synthpop legends Depeche Mode. 

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#23 - March 2024

#23 - March 2024

The Supremes | Nick Cave | Strange Boy | Four Tet | Lou Reed | Vegyn | Julie London and many more from March 2024.
Matt 2 min read

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