#16 - August 2023

Babymorocco | Soul Mass Transit System | Ikebe Shakedown | Glen Hansard | Daniel Avery | Barbara Mason - all from my ears to your speakers.
Matt 1 min read
#16 - August 2023

The latest edition of the Stuff Mixtape (#16) is packed full of great tunes. It's a two-hour journey into the music around my ears this month.

I kick off with some very chilled tunes - Babymorocco recalling the Pet Shop Boys, Arc De Soleil and Monster Rally all easing us into the mix. There is some classic soul from Barbara Mason, before things start to pick up the pace with Oreku and then a shimmering Latin beauty from Sofia Kourtesis.

In the middle, we get a bit more dancefloor oriented with bangers from Django Django, Ikebe Shakedown and a huge dancefloor monster from Soul Mass Transit System.

I start to wind things down with some South African coolness from Bongoziwe Mabandia, Savana Funk and Daniel Avery - before taking you home with the new one from Stuff favourite Glen Hansard and something from Pachyman.

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