#12 - April 2023

Andrea Laszlo De Simone | Eddie Chacon | Lana del Rey | Baxter Dury | Phoria | Floex | Trick and much more from my speakers to your ears.
Matt 1 min read
#12 - April 2023

The new Stuff Mixtape is packed FULL of incredible things to listen to.

We open this month with a track that sounds like it comes from a bygone age, but is in fact brand new from Italian singer Andrea Laszlo De Simone, and is followed by a track that sounds brand new but is in fact from 70's diva Amanda Lear.

There are some gentle chilled out tunes from Eddie Chacon, Lana Del Rey and the new one from Baxter Dury, called Aylesbury Boy.

We go back to the Summer of Love for Alone Again Or, and then we start to hurtle towards the future with some cool, crisp electronica from Phoria, Floex and Malik Djoudi.

I visit the dancefloor with Klangkarussell, The Blessed Madonna (not that one) and ImpΓ©rieux.

The last third of the selection is super chilled, with a cover version of classic Ibiza wind-down tune 'At the River', as well as a beautiful stripped back cover a Massive Attack classic. There is something new from Tricky and a beautiful track from Norwegian favourite Susanne SundfΓΈr.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making this for you.

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