#11 - March 2023

Metronomy | Orbital | Fontaines DC | Erland Cooper | Johnny Cash | Nick Drake | Oliver Sim | Dry Cleaning and more from the smorgasbord of music.
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#11 - March 2023

Every month I keep a note of the great tracks I hear, and compile them into an old-fashioned mixtape, just for you.

We're on edition 11 of these, and I have an absolute tip-top collection for this month.

I open with a couple of class examples of the yรฉ-yรฉ trend of the 60's, Brigitte Bardot and Franรงoise Hardy before bringing things a little up to date with the excellent Metronomy who feature twice this month. There is some modern French weirdness from Laurent Bardianne and 'Oiseau'.

The mighty Orbital have been on heavy rotation, so I'm featuring their collaboration with Anna B Savage, who is also on her own with in: FLUX from the album of the same name.

The amazing Fred again... has remade one of his tracks with Mike Skinner from The Streets on vocals, and then we have a couple of dancefloor bangers from Oliver Sim, Dry Cleaning and the awesome Rรณisรญn Murphy. Fontaines DC cover the Nick Drake classic Cello Song.

Things start to wind down with Everything but the Girl, and some beauties from Erland Cooper and Peter Broderick. The Casinos and a classic collaboration between Johnny Cash and Nick Cave bring us home.

A mammoth collection, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it for you.

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