#10 - February 2023

Scott Walker | Ural Thomas and the Pain | Anna B Savage | Bonobo | Skrillex | Amadou & Mariam - and much more.
Matt 1 min read
#10 - February 2023
Burt Bacharach

Every month I compile a playlist of the tracks that randomly find their way into my listening, and share them with you.

This month I open with a classic Scott Walker track, written by the talented Burt Bacharach, whom we lost in early February.

We travel to Mali for a lovely tune by Amadou and Mariam, and onwards to Canada with Dumpster Gold by Murray Lightburn who I saw playing live earlier this month.

There is some amazing soul by Ural Thomas and the Pain, some indie pop from Belle and Sebastian and a masterclass in ethereal pop from Bjork and Shygirl.

A real highlight this month is 'Rock and a Calm place' by Manchester's Antony Szmierek, a rising rap star, as well as The Ghost by Anna B Savage.

As always, my journey to the end of the mix tape is some crisp electronica and dancey beats including great tunes from Bonobo and Rival Consoles as well as a fierce one from Skrillex.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it.

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