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Matt Rutherford
Matt Rutherford
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Photo by C D-X / Unsplash

I was listening to some music yesterday which reminded me heavily of listening to music back in my early teen bedroom at home.

I had an Alba music system, and a small stack of vinyl.  I was in a transition from the 'pop' music of my childhood, into discovering something new.

Gary Numan, John Foxx and Kraftwerk were becoming the music of choice for this teenager from the West of London.

I tried to remember what came before. Further back than the music I chose.

I remember the music from a cassette player in my Dads car.  Stevie Wonder, ELO and maybe Abba.

I remember the noise of a house party at home with family and friends dancing around the hi-fi system we had, Carl Douglas and Motown.

So many influences. So many music memories.


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