Stand up for Standing

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Stand up for Standing
Photo by TheStandingDesk / Unsplash

One thing has helped my working productivity above all the systems, apps and techniques.

Standing up.

Or more simply, investing in a standing desk.

When I refurbished my home office late last year, I opted for an Ikea Bekant sit/stand desk. With a simple design and relatively low cost, I was able to move away from spending more than eight hours a day sitting down.

I thought it would help my fitness a bit, stretching my legs and straightening my back whilst I spent the day on conference calls and emails.

When I started using it, I realised that working in bare feet at home wasn't going to be as easy as I expected, as I needed some kind of shoe for standing up for extended periods. I soon found something suitable.

However, the gain I didn't expect was in my productivity and concentration. Working standing up helps me focus, pay attention and not be distracted. If I need an hour of focused creativity, then I stand up. If I need need to join a complex audio conference, or a 1:1 with one of my team, I stand up.

The upright posture oxygenates me, and gives me more energy and I can concentrate better.

Of course, I need to sit down sometimes - to relax my knees and ankles and rest a little bit, but I guess during an eight hour day I spend about three or four hours standing.

I can feel the benefits as I write this post.

(edit - since moving to Ireland, I've changed to an Oako standing desk which is amazing)

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