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DJ Mix: The Stack #7

My latest DJ Mix. Bringing everything together in my stream with a disco-tinged house mix.
Matt 1 min read
DJ Mix: The Stack #7

My last DJ mix seemed to go down well, so lets have the latest edition.

Stack #7 is another hour of disco flavoured house music, perfectly mixed for your listening (and dancing) pleasure.

Stack #7 Tracklist:

Alma Negra - Madrugada
Rayko - Looks Like Love
Opolopo - Bebeccie's Theme
Lux Experience - My Disco Church
Seamus Haji, Mike Dunn - Serious (Extended Mix)
Art of Tones/Chatobaron - Ban The Disco (Crackazat remix)
Disco Incorporated - Black Soul (Original Mix)
Disco Incorporated - Don't Stop (Ministry Of Funk rework)
Dennis Cruz - Bonito (Original Mix)
Jo Paciello - Love Sax and Disco Rhodes (Original)
SIS - Chan Chan (Extended Mix)

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Daily Notes

Still more Stuff #6

Not everything makes it into my weekly newsletter, here's a roundup of the interesting bookmarks that didn't quite fit this week.
Matt 3 min read

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