Changing Man

Matt 1 min read
Changing Man
Photo by Clark Tibbs / Unsplash

There has been a lot of change around here.

In the last seven months, I've turned 50, got a new job, sold my house and moved country.   In a sentence, it doesn't look much, but I suspect that a therapist would talk about 'life changes' and tut as they wrote a small list at the top of a blank page.

Some of it has been refreshing, some of it a bit scary, most of it successful and all of it required hard work. However, here I am.   And you know, it feels pretty good!

In the process of making some of these life changes, I've been through a detox both analogue and digital.   Moving house inspired me to do a massive declutter and purge of both my physical and digital world.

Some of the work is still ongoing, and it's giving me the impetus to get back to having a focused online presence.

So, here I am… back, and refocused.

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