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Still More Stuff #3

Not everything makes it into my weekly newsletter, here's a roundup of the interesting bookmarks that didn't quite fit this week.
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Still More Stuff #3
Photo by Nick Fewings / Unsplash

Not everything makes it into my weekly newsletter, here's a roundup of the interesting bookmarks that didn't quite fit this week.

Voyager’s 15 Billion Mile Software Update
Get NordVPN 2Y plan + 4 months free here: https://nordvpn.com/primalspaceHave you ever wondered how NASA updates Voyager’s software from 15 billion miles awa…

How to update software when it is 15 billion miles away from you.

The Seven Laws of Pessimism
If life is better than ever before, why does the world seem so depressing?

Interesting writing on our lens of the world

British Giants: The History Of Mellotron. The world’s first sampler?
Everyone from the Beatles to Oasis to the Moody Blues used the Mellotron, making this tape-based electromechanical keyboard one for the ages.

You've heard loads of Mellotrons - here's the amazing story behind them.

Hippy, capitalist, guru, grocer: the forgotten genius who changed British food
The long read: Nicholas Saunders was a counterculture pioneer with an endless stream of quixotic schemes and a yearning to spread knowledge – but his true legacy is a total remaking of the way Britain eats

Neals Yard AND Monmouth Coffee - amongst many others!

The tyranny of the algorithm: why every coffee shop looks the same
The long read: From the generic hipster cafe to the ‘Instagram wall’, the internet has pushed us towards a kind of global ubiquity – and this phenomenon is only going to intensify

Always looking for ways to break out of the algorithm

Never say “no,” but rarely say “yes.”
“Focus” requires saying “no” to most things, but there’s a way to do it that allows you to say “yes” exactly when it matters most.

Excellent advice on managing commitments

The Law of Diminishing Returns: How To Do More With Less
After a certain point, increasing one input reduces efficiency. Here’s how you can use the law of diminishing returns to do more with less:

More input does not equal more efficiency

What Kant can teach us about work: on the problem with jobs | Aeon Essays
There is always a demand for more jobs. But what makes a job good? For that, Immanuel Kant has an answer

Interesing reading on what makes a job great.

Unlocking the Power of Simplicity | The Curiosity Chronicle
The Curiosity Chronicle has quickly become one of the most popular newsletters for growth-minded individuals in the world. Each week, subscribers receive a deep dive that covers topics ranging from growth and decision-making to business, finance, startups, and technology. In addition, subscribers receive The Friday Five, a weekly newsletter with five ideas curated to spark curiosity headed into the weekend.

I love this simplicity audit idea

Everyone’s Existential Crisis
Governance Futurism
11 Philosophical Razors to Simplify Your Life
A collection of eleven philosophical razors; principles that can simplify your life by getting rid of useless or unlikely explanations.

11 rules to apply that can help bring clarity

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