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Another 10 free Websites that everyone should Bookmark

You shouldn't have to pay to get access to useful tools, here are another 10 free sites that everyone should save.
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Another 10 free Websites that everyone should Bookmark
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Nobody should have to pay big money for useful tools. Here are another ten sites I recommend you save.

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  • Tiny Wow - a great collection of simple tools that will make your life easier
  • One Minute Focus - a simple site that will reduce stress / anxiety instantly. Great for resetting between tasks.
  • The Ultimate Manuals Library - 8 MILLION free manuals to download, every type of gadget imaginable here. Great for saving clutter at home, and figuring out how to use the 'thing' you inherited.
  • Rebookify - intelligently rebooking hotel rooms to save you money.
  • Cooked Wiki - reformat that multi-page recipe into something useful you can save.
  • Open Source Alternative - over 500 FREE alternatives to commercial software you use.
  • Magic Eraser - remove the background of any photo, much easier than doing this with Photoshop.
  • Just Delete Me - instructions and links to delete yourself from a host of websites, useful if you are doing a digital detox.
  • Discover New Music - Gnoosic will take 3 of your favourite bands/artists and suggest some new music for you to listen to.
  • Muscle Wiki - Tell this site what you want to work out, and what equipment you have and it will recommend the exercises. With video demonstrations.

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