#26 - June 2024

Mono | Kim Gordon | Lynks | Ray Lamontagne | Pigbaby | Honeyglaze | Vagabon
Matt 2 min read
#26 - June 2024

Stuff Mixtape #26 is another collection of random tunes that were in my orbit during June.

Here's why each of these amazing tunes made it into my playlist.

  • Hear the wind sing - Mono | Atmospheric swirling tune from Japanese post-rock titans.
  • Brother - Humanist | Bluesy rock featuring vocals from Depeche Mode lead Dave Gahan
  • Water me Down - Vagabon | Indie rock from Cameroon via New York City.
  • do what - Mike Lindsay | From acid-folk band Tuung comes this solo effort from frontman Mike Lindsay, great album collaboration with Anna B Savage.
  • Contact High - Metronomy | I love the pop sound of Metronomy, reminds me of the Pet Shop Boys.
  • ECRP - Kim Gordon | The grinding noise from Sonic Youth bassist continues, this is a belter of a track continuing the theme from 'The Collective'
  • CPR - Lynks | Taken from the album 'Abomination', I love the flow of this track which seems to be about saviour complexes.
  • Don't - Honeyglaze | More British indie coming to rule the world.
  • Life moves fast, so take my hand - Pigbaby | Fresh from Dublin, on the same label as Stuff favourites Vegyn and Headache. More weirdness!
  • Three dimensional - Susan Bear | Beautiful synths, gentle listening.
  • Black Lion Lane - Emiliana Torrini | Icelandic singer with the first track taken from new album 'Miss Flower'
  • Long Way Home - Ray Lamontagne | Gentle closing Americana from the ever-reliable voice of Lamontagne..
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#25 - May 2024

#25 - May 2024

James Blake | Zaho de Sagazan | Arab Strap | Dexys | Anish Kumar | Britizen Kane | Tindersticks | Keaton Henson
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Introducing: FlowStuff

Introducing: FlowStuff

I'm pleased to introduce FlowStuff, an evolving and organic Spotify playlist of music that can support your flow state as you work and relax.
Matt 1 min read

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