#25 - May 2024

James Blake | Zaho de Sagazan | Arab Strap | Dexys | Anish Kumar | Britizen Kane | Tindersticks | Keaton Henson
Matt 2 min read
#25 - May 2024

Stuff Mixtape #25 is a collection of random music that crossed my path in May 2024, and there are some wonderful tunes here.

Here's why each of these amazing tunes made it into my playlist.

  • Quando Quando Quando – Tony Rennis | Inspired by devouring Ripley over the last couple of months.
  • Turn Me Inside (Zero 7 Remix) - Vegyn | Beautifully chilled version from one of my favourite albums of 2024 so far.
  • Thrown Around - James Blake | Always love Blakes stuff, but the high note in the middle of this tune is truly a moment.
  • Modern Love - Zaho de Sagazan | Sublime cover version of a Bowie classic, introduced to me by my girl who found a lovely live YT version. What a performer!
  • You're not there - Arab Strap | A Stuff favourite band, love this tune from their new album.
  • Warning - Britizen Kane | The sound of young Britain. Phenomenal Grime track with bars from Manga St Hilaire.
  • Geno (Live) - Dexys Midnight Runners | Kevin Rowlands voice is still something to behold, this live collection is excellent.
  • Dreaming - Say Sue Me | Excellent showgazey cover version of the Blondie Classic
  • Everything Blooms About Her - Anish Kumar | Dancefloor friendly version of a classic Indian song. Brilliant stuff.
  • numb - Julia-Sophie | English-French electronica, lovely pulsating bassline reminded me of Moroder at his finest.
  • New World - Tindersticks | A favourite band, coming to Dublin next year. Will try and organise tickets to tick this group off my bucket list.
  • Rotten Mind - Fashion Club & Julie Byrne | Ethereal, orchestral, beautiful
  • Awake/Alive - Keaton Henson | New album is set to be an absolute classic, this beautiful piano track is just a taste.
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#24 - April 2024

#24 - April 2024

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