#24 - April 2024

Desmond Dekker | The Streets | Kolonel Djafaar | Overmono | Fontaines DC | Jamie XX | Harold Melvin | Lynks
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#24 - April 2024

Stuff Mixtape #24 is a collection of random music that crossed my path in April 2024, and I think there are some great tunes here.

Here's why each of these amazing tunes made it into my playlist.

  • Fu Manchu | Desmond Dekker and The Aces - one of the finest rocksteady tunes that popped up on a UK TV programme during April.
  • Wake up Everybody | Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes - I dug up a copy of the Wake Up Everybody LP at a second hand shop in April, I love Teddy Pendergrass' voice.
  • The Harder they Come | Olivia Dean - a great modern version of an old classic.
  • Daddys House | Marie 'Queenie' Lyons - I'd never heard of this singer but discovered this 'belter' of a soul classic on a random soul playlist. Excellent tune.
  • Remember Me | The Trinikas - Released in 1969, another slab of classic soul that should not be overlooked.
  • Wrong side of Town | Joe Armon-Jones and Hak Baker - Only London could produce this collaboration, stunning stuff.
  • Abomination | Lynks - neo R&B, great production.
  • Baddy on the Floor | Jamie XX & Honey Dijon - to the dancefloor immediately with this one, the sound of summer for sure.
  • Turn the Page | Overmono + The Streets - classic flow meets significant production chops. I love the way this just builds and builds.
  • cyanotype memories | Hinako Omori & Joe Goddard - essential funky house with an awesome vocal
  • Phil's First Tear | Kolonel Djafaar - Ethiopian Jazz via Belgium, an infectious groove that keeps on giving.
  • GedΓ€chtnis | Soap and Skin - experimental soundtrack music from Austria.
  • Starburster | Fontaines DC - Dublins finest back with a panic attack inspired grinder.
  • Are Friends Electric | Tubeway Army - been thinking a lot about Gary Numan and his genre defining 1980's sound.
  • I was the thief | Mike Lindsay and Anna B Savage - Tuung supremo combines with Stuff favourite for an eerie, unique sounding tune.
  • Being | Viktor Orri Arnason - Beautiful Piano poems to send us homeward.
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