#23 - March 2024

The Supremes | Nick Cave | Strange Boy | Four Tet | Lou Reed | Vegyn | Julie London and many more from March 2024.
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#23 - March 2024

Stuff Mixtape #23 is a collection of random music that crossed my path in March 2024, and I think there are some great tunes here. This month, I thought I'd try and capture when I heard the tune, and why I thought it would make it onto my list.

  • More than Woman | Bee Gees - was playing in a shop in San Francisco airport back at the start of the month. I love disco, so what better way to kick off the mix.
  • I hear a Symphony | The Supremes - played on Radio 6 to celebrate Diana Ross 80th birthday.
  • Perfect Day | Lou Reed - from the movie, Perfect Days. All kinds of perfect.
  • American Dreaming | Sierra Ferrell - the new album from an amazing voice.
  • Deer Teeth | Sega Bodega - amazing keyboard sounds and vocal processing drew me me.
  • Wild God | Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - heard this and immediately bought tickets.
  • Allatonceness | Arab Strap - latest track from exciting new album.
  • November Skies | Strange Boy and Anna B Savage - popped up at random, love the voices on this.
  • Pon PΓ³n | Khruangbin - another one I'm seeing live this year, new album due out.
  • 31 Bloom | Four Tet - beautiful slab of London electronica from Kieran Hebden
  • My Reflection | Raven Numan - daughter of long time favourite Gary Numan. Interesting new voice.
  • Air Instrumental | Omerta - interesting track from a few years back from France, lovely album called Collection PartculiΓ¨re. I know nothing about this band.
  • The Last Dinner Party | Nothing Matters (Acoustic) - lovely version of this track from one of the best albums of 2024 so far.
  • A Dream goes on forever | Vegyn & John Glacier - not much out there that sounds like this at the moment
  • My Thing | Deborah Glasgow & Mad Professor - huge slab of dubby reggae that signals the coming summer.
  • What'll I Do | Julie London - beautiful old tune that was on the back end of a movie I watched during March.
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