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10 more free Websites that everyone should Bookmark

You shouldn't have to pay to get access to useful tools, here are 10 MORE free sites that everyone should save.
Matt 1 min read
10 more free Websites that everyone should Bookmark
Photo by Alejandro PiΓ±ero Amerio / Unsplash

Nobody should have to pay big money for useful tools. Here are ten MORE sites I recommend you save.

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  • Archivebuttons.com: Multiple ways to remove paywalls to view an article (if you find yourself using this a lot for one site, then it's time to pay for the content)
  • KeySmash.no: Improve your typing by playing this free/simple game.
  • Spike.news: Aggregated news feeds from multiple sources. I visit this site at least twice per day.
  • JustWatch: Which streaming site will have the TV show or Movie you want to see.
  • Coverletters.Work: Input a job description and your CV, and let AI generate a cover letter.
  • Thsrs: Enter a long word, get a shorter & simpler one back.
  • Howlongtoread.com: Get a good estimate of how long a book will take you to read.
  • Nearbywiki.org: Wikipedia entries plotted on a map, a superb way to find out interesting and historic things near your location.
  • Ambiph.one: Customised background sounds (and music) to help you relax or focus. Super simple to use.
  • JetPunk.com: Free general knowledge quizzes. Hours of fun to be had here.
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